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Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Value (VAL)
Value Added Dealer (VAD)
Value Added Disk Driver (VADD)
Value Added Network (VAN)
Value Added Process (VAP)
Value Added Reseller (VAR)
Value Added Retailer (VAR)
Van Jacobsen Header (compression) [Unix] (VJ HEADER)
Variable (VAR)
Variable Array Storage Technology (VAST)
Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
Variable Block (VB)
Variable Information Processing (VIP)
Variable List Table (VLT)
Vault, Process, Structure, Configuration (VPSC)
VAX Unit of Performance (VUP)
Vendor Independent Mail / Messaging (VIM)
Verbal Operating System (VOS)
Verfahrens Neutrale Schnittstelle (VNS)
Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Relia (VIPER)
Verify (VER)
Verify Read Access (VERR)
Verify Write Access (VERW)
Version (VER)
Version.First Class (communications standard) (V.FC)
Vertical MOS (VMOS)
Vertical Scanning Frequency (VSF)
Vertical Sync (VSYNC)
Vertical Tab (VT)
Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to Comput (VERONICA)
Very High Speed (VHS)
Very High Speed Backbone Network Service [MCI + NS (vBNS)
Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC)
Very Large Instruction Word (VLIW)
Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis (VLSIPS)
Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
Very Large Scale Integration (VSLI)
Very Low Frequency (VLF)
Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)
Vesa Bios Extension/Audio Interface (VBE/AI)
Vesa Local Bus (VLB)
Vesa Local-Bus [VESA] (VL-BUS)
VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL)
Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)
Video Dial Tone (VDT)
Video Display Editor (VDE)
Video Display Terminal (VDT)
Video Display Unit (VDU)
Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)
Video Grafik Array (VGA)
Video Graphics Array (VGA)
Video Graphics Controller (VGC)
Video Home System (VHS)
Video Information Provider (VIP)
Video Information System [Tandy] (VIS)
Video Input/Output (VIO)
Video Interface Module (VIM)
Video On Demand (VOD)
Video Random Access Memory (VRAM)
Video Random Access Memory (VRAM)
Video User Interface (VUI)
Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.] (VEGA)
Virtual Access Method (VAM)
Virtual Address (VA)
Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [D (VAX/VMS)
Virtual Communications Driver (VCD)
Virtual Control Program Interface (VCPI)
Virtual Device Driver (VDD)
Virtual Device Driver Manager (VDDM)
Virtual Direct Memory Access Device [Microsoft] (VDMAD)
Virtual Disk (VDISK)
Virtual DMA Services (VDS)
Virtual DOS Machine [IBM] (VDM)
Virtual Expanded Memory Manager (VEMM)
Virtual Extended Driver [Microsoft] (VxD)
Virtual File Allocation Table [Microsoft] (VFAT)
Virtual Floppy (VF)
Virtual Host Storage (VHS)
Virtual Information Environment (VIE)
Virtual Input/Output (VIO)
Virtual Interface (VIF)
Virtual Interrupt Flag (VIF)
Virtual Interrupt Pending (VIP)
Virtual Loadable Module (VLM)
Virtual Machine (VM)
Virtual Machine Boot (VMB)
Virtual Machine/Memory Manager (VMM)
Virtual Memory (VM)
Virtual Memory Address (VMA)
Virtual Memory Environment (VME)
Virtual Memory Operation System (VMS)
Virtual Memory System (VMS)
Virtual Memory Technique (VMT)
Virtual Network Architecture (VNA)
Virtual Networking System [Banyan] (VINES)
Virtual Page Number (VPN)
Virtual Print Technology [Dataproducts] (VPT)
Virtual Printer Device (VPD)
Virtual Private Data Network (VPDN)
Virtual Private Data Service [MCI] (VPDS)
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Programming Language (VPL)
Virtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager [ (VROOMM)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (originally name (VRML)
Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML)
Virtual Serial Input Output (VSIO)
Virtual Shared Memory (VSM)
Virtual Storage (VS)
Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)
Virtual Storage Extended (VSE)
Virtual Storage Management (VSM)
Virtual Storage Operating System (VSOS)
Virtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM] (VTAM)
Visual Basic [Microsoft] (VB)
Visual Basic for Applications [Microsoft] (VBA)
Visual Basic Runtime (VBRUN)
Visual Caching Operating System [AT&T] (VCOS)
Visual Component Library (VCL)
Visual Development Environment (VDE)
Visual Display Unit (VDU)
Visual Interactive (editor) [UNIX] (VI)
Visual Programming [Lotus] (ViP)
Visual Programming Environment (VPE)
Visual System Management [IBM] (VSM)
Visual WorkBench [Microsoft] (VWB)
Vital Product Data [IBM] (VPD)
Voice Application Language (VAL)
Voice Information System (VIS)
Voice Message System (VMS)
Voice Processing System (VPS)
Voice Response Unit (VRU)
Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter (VOM)
Voltage Regulated Extended (VRE)
Voltage Regulated/Regulator (VR)
Voltage Regulation Technology [Intel] (VRT)
Volume (VOL)
Volume Serial Number (VSN)
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