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Ultra Filesystem (UFS)
Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI)
Ultraviolet (UV)
Uncommitted Logic Array (ULA)
Under Color Removal (DTP) (UCR)
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Ungermann-Bass Network Interface (UBNI)
UNI Management Entity (UNI, ILMI) (UME)
UniBus Adapter (DEC) (UBA)
Unicode Conversion Support (UCS)
Unified Local Area Network Architecture (ULANA)
Unified Memory Architecture (UMA)
Unified Network Management Architecture (UNMA)
Uniform Data Transfer (UDT)
Uniform Resource Characteristics (URC)
Uniform Resource Citation (URC)
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
Uniform Resource Name/Number (URN)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
Uniprocessor (UP)
Unit IDentifier (Verschluesselung, EES) (UID)
Unit Separator (US)
United Microelectronics Corporation (Hersteller) (UMC)
United Nations Guidelines for Trade Data Interchan (UNGTDI)
Universal Access Control (IBM) (UAC)
Universal Asynchronous Receive and Transmit (UART)
Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC)
Universal Character Set (UCS)
Universal Communications Language (UCL)
Universal Compiler FORTRAN compatible (UNICOS)
Universal Computed Oriented Language (UNCOL)
Universal Coordinated Time (UCT)
Universal Data Exchange (UDE)
Universal Font Scaling Technology (Agfa) (UFST)
Universal Integrated Communication (System) (UNICOM)
Universal Link Negotiation (ULN)
Universal Measurement Architecture (Unix) (UMA)
Universal Measurement Architecture Data Storage (U (UMADS)
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (IN, Mo (UMTS)
Universal Naming Convention (IBM,MS) (UNC)
Universal Network Interface (Cogent) (UNI)
Universal Product Code (UPC)
Universal Ressource Locator (URL)
Universal Serial Bus [Intel] (USB)
Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USRT)
Universal Synchronous-Asynchronous Reciever/Transm (USART)
Universal Text Interchange/Interface (UTI)
Unix Appletalk Bridge (UAB)
Unix File System (UFS)
Unix International (UI)
Unix language named after its authors... Al Aho, P (AWK)
Unix Programmer's Manual (UPM)
Unix RSCS Emulation Protocol (protocol) (UREP)
Unix to Unix Copy (UUCP)
Unix-To-Unix Copy Program (UUCP)
Unnumbered Acknowledgement (UA)
Unordered List (UL)
Unrecoverable Application Error (UAE)
Unshielded Twisted-Pair (cable) (UTP)
Unsqueezed (files) (USQ)
Unterbrechungsfreie Stom-Versorgung (USV)
Unversial Serial Bus (USB)
Upgrade (UPG)
Upload (UL)
Upper Layer Protocols (FC) (ULP)
Upper Memory Area (Intel) (UMA)
Upper Memory Block (UMB)
Upper Memory Block (Intel) (UMB)
US Robotics (corporation) (USR)
User Agent (OSI) (UA)
User Agent Protocol Data Unit (UAPDU)
User Area (UA)
User Authorization File (UAF)
User Datagram Protocol (Internet, RFC 768) (UDP)
User Datagram Protocol / Internet Protocol, "UDP/I (UDPIP)
User Datagramm Protocol (UDP)
User Defined Commands (UDC)
User Defined Function (UDF)
User Group (UG)
User Identification (UID)
User Identification (USERID)
User Identification Code (UIC)
User Interface (UI)
User Interface Language (UIL)
User Interface Management System (UIMS)
User Profile Management [IBM] (UPM)
User Program Language (UPL)
User Supported Software Association (United Kingdo (USSA)
User Terminal (UT)
User's Network [Internet] (USENET)
User-To-User Information [AT&T] (UUI)
UUDecoding [Unix] (UUD)
Uuencode/Uudecode (UU)
Uuencoded Netnews Collator [Unix] (UNC)
UUEncoding [Unix] (UUE)
U.S. Dep. of Defense Advanced Research Projects Ag (DARPA)
User Network Interface (UNI)
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