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Tab Separated Values (TSV)
Table Area Network (TAN)
Table Lookup (TLU)
Table Of Contents (ToC)
Table Of Contents (CD) (TOC)
Table of contents Verbosely from File [UNIX] (TVF)
Table Producing Language (TPL)
Table Update and Management System [Stanford Unive (TUMS)
Tablet Coordinates to Display Coordinates (convert (TDtoDP)
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
Tagged Image File-Format (TIFF)
Taiwanese Electric Appliance Manufacturer's Associ (TEAMA)
Taiwanese New Pc Consortium (Org.) (TNPC)
TALigent Application Program (Taligent), "TalAE" (TALAE)
TALigent Development Environment (Taligent), "TalD (TALDE)
TALigent Object Services (Taligent), "TalOS" (TALOS)
Tandy High-Performance Optical Recording (THOR)
Tape / Text Editor and COrrector (MIT) (TECO)
Tape Backup Unit (TBU)
Tape Ball Grid Array (TBGA)
Tape Data Controller (TDC)
Tape Mass Storage Control (DEC) (TMSC)
TAPI Service Provider Interface (TAPI) (TSPI)
Target ID (TID)
Target Service Agent (Novell, SMS) (TSA)
Target Token Rotation Time (FDDI) (TTRT)
Task File Table (BS2000) (TFT)
Task Sequence Number (BS2000) (TSN)
Task State Segment (TSS)
TCP Alternate Checksum Option (RFC 1146), "TCP-ACO (TCPACO)
TCP extensions for Long Delay Paths (RFC 1072) (TCPLDP)
Technical and Office Protocols (TOP)
Technical Document Management (TDM)
Technical Product Documentation (TPD)
Technical Support Alliance (TSA)
Technical Support Engineer (Sun) (TSE)
Technology Without An Important Name (Schnittstell (TWAIN)
Tele-Kommunikation (TK)
Telecommunication Information Network Agent (IN) (TINA)
Telecommunication Management Network (IN) (TMN)
TeleCommunications Access Method (IBM) (TCAM)
Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure (TIIAP)
Telecommunications Device for Deaf (TDD)
Telecommunications Industries Associations (Org.) (TIA)
Telekom Designed Networks (TDM)
Telekommunikations-AnschlussEinheit (TAE)
TeleKommunikationsOrdnung (TKO)
TeleKommunikationsVerordnung (TKV)
Telelocator Alphanumeric Protoco (TAP)
Telelocator Data Protocol (TDP)
Telephone Access Server (TAS)
Telephone Answering Device (TAD)
TELephone NETwork (Unix) (TELNET)
Telephone User Path (ISDN) (TUP)
Telephony Application Program Interface (Intel, MS (TAPI)
Telephony Server Application Programmer Interface (TSAPI)
TeleSoftWare (T-Online) (TSW)
Teletype (TTY)
Teletypewriter Exchange Service (TWX)
Television Interference (TVI)
Temporary (TEMP)
Temporary (TMP)
Terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) (TB)
Terminal Access Controller (ARPANET, MILNET) (TAC)
Terminal Access Controller Access Control System ( (TACACS)
Terminal Access Point (Kabel) (TAP)
TERMinal CAPability (Unix) (TERMCAP)
Terminal Display Editor (TDE)
Terminal Display Management System (TDMS)
Terminal Emulator/2 [Oberon] (TE/2)
Terminal Facility Identifier (T-Online) (TFI)
Terminal Group Controller (TGC)
TERMinal INFOrmation (Unix) (TERMINFO)
Terminal Interface Processor (ARPANET) (TIP)
Terminal Node Controller (TNC)
Terminal Ready (TR)
TerminalAdapter (TA)
Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR)
Termination Status Block (TSB)
Terminator Power (TERMPWR)
Terrestrial Data Circuit (TDC)
Test Control (TC)
TeX User's Group (Org.) (TUG)
Texas Higher Education NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "T (THENET)
Texas Instruments (Hersteller) (TI)
Texas Instruments Graphics Adapter (TIGA)
Text (TXT)
Text File Device Driver (TFDD)
Text To Structured File [Lotus Agenda] (TXT2STF)
Text-Based User Interface [WordPerfect] (TUI)
Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Thanks In Advance (DFUE-Slang) (TIA)
The (U.S.) House (of Representatives) Open Multime (THOMAS)
The Access Program for the CompuServe Information (TAPCIS)
The Bread Board System (BBS) (TBBS)
The Clean Personal Computer group (Org., Herstelle (TCPC)
The European Particle Physics Laboratory (initials (CERN)
The Internet Adapter [Internet] (TIA)
The Operating System (Atari, OS) (TOS)
The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus (TRON)
Theoretical Arrival Time (GCRA) (TAT)
Thermal Conduction Module (TCM)
Thermal Eclipse Reading [Sony] (TER)
Thermal-Transfer Printing (TTP)
Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP)
Thin-Film Electroluminescent (TFEL)
Thin-Film Transistor (screens) (TFT)
Third Parallel Printer Port (LPT3)
Third serial Port (COM3)
Thread Environment Block (TEB)
Threaded Neill Concelman [connector] (TNC)
Threaded Read News [Internet] (TRN)
Three Letter Acronym (Slang) (TLA)
Time Base Corrector (Video) (TBC)
Time Compression Multiplexer (TCM)
Time Division Multiple Access (Mobile Systems) (TDMA)
Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDP)
Time Independent Escape Sequence (MODEM) (TIES)
Time Multiplexed Switch (TMS)
Time Of Day (TOD)
Time Sharing Option (TSO)
Time Sharing Option/Conversational Monitor System (TSOCMS)
Time Sharing System (TSS)
Time Slot Interchanger (TSI)
Time Synchronization Protocol (TSP)
Time To Live (Internet) (TTL)
Time Token Rotation Protocol (FDDI) (TTRP)
Time Zone (TZ)
Timesharing OPerating System (DEC, OS) (TOPS)
TINA Consortium (Org., IN), "TINA-C" (TINAC)
Tiny Editor (TED)
Tivoli Management Data Base (Tivoli) (TMDB)
Tivoli Management Environment (Tivoli) (TME)
Tivoli Management Framework (Tivoli) (TMF)
Token Holding Timer (FDDI, Token Ring) (THT)
Token Ring Network (TRN)
Token Ring Optimized Link Interface (IBM) (TROLI)
Token Ring Repeater (TRR)
Token Ring serial Port (TRP)
Token Rotation Timer (FDDI, Token Ring) (TRT)
Tokyo Electronics Corporation (TEC)
Tool Command Language (TCL)
Tools Interface Standard (SCO Unix) (TIS)
Top and Bottom (T/B)
Top Secret (TS)
Top Secret/Sensitive Information (TS/SI)
Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and R (TIGER)
Tops Filing Protocol (TFP)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Total On-Line Program and Information Control Syst (TOPICS)
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Total User Cell count (UNI) (TUC)
Total User Cell Difference (UNI) (TUCD)
Track to Track (TK/TK)
Tracks Per Inch (TPI)
Trade Electronic Data Interchange Systems (EG-Prog (TEDIS)
Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property rig (TRIPS)
Trademark (TM)
Tramiel Operating System (Atari, OS) (TOS)
Transaction Capabilities Application Part (Mobile (TCAP)
Transaction Monitor (TP) (TM)
TransAction Number (Banking) (TAN)
Transaction Processing (TP)
Transaction Processing Council (Hersteller, DBMS) (TPC)
Transaction Processing Facility (IBM) (TPF)
Transaction Processing System (TPS)
Transaction Tracking System (TTS)
Transactions on Database Systems (ACM) (TODS)
Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM) (TOMS)
Transactions on Office Information Systems (ACM) (TOOIS)
Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS)
Transactions Per Minute (TPM)
Transactions Per Second (TPS)
TransEuropean Networks (Netzwerk) (TEN)
Transfer Control Protocol (TCP)
Transfer Rate of Information Bits (TRIB)
Transient Memory Record (TMR)
Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)
Transistorized Airborne Digital Computer (Name of (TRADIC)
Translate (XLAT)
Translation Lookaside Buffer (CPU) (TLB)
Translucent File System (TFS)
Transmission Control (TC)
Transmission Control Protocol BIOS Extended User I (TCPBEUI)
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (R (TCPIP)
Transmission Convergence (TC)
Transmission Level Point (TLP)
Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI)
Transmit (XMIT)
Transmit Data (TXD)
Transmit Data (MODEM) (TD)
Transmit Holding Register (THR)
Transmit/Receive (T/R)
Transmitter Data Service Request (TDSR)
Transmitter Off (XOFF)
Transmitter On (XON)
Transparent Asynchronous Tranceiver/Receiver Inter (TAXI)
Transport Device Interface (TDI)
Transport Level Interface (AT&T) (TLI)
Transport Protocol class 0 (OSI) (TP0)
Transport Protocol class 4 (OSI) (TP4)
Transport Protocol Data Unit (OSI) (TPDU)
Transport Service Access Point (OSI) (TSAP)
Transport Service Data Unit (TSDU)
Transportation Data Coordinating Comittee (Org., U (TDCC)
Transputer Image Processing (TIP)
Tree and Tabular Combined Notation (TTCN)
Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM)
Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR)
Triple SuperTwisted Nematic [LCD] (TSTN)
Triton Data Path (Intel Triton IC) (TDP)
Triton System Controller (Intel, Triton, IC) (TSC)
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (UDP, RFC 783) (TFTP)
Trivial Name Server (TNS)
Trouble Ticketing System (TTS)
True Symmetric MultiProcessor (TSMP)
Trunk Line Network (TLN)
Trusted C SHell (Unix) (TCSH)
Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orang (TCSEC)
Truth Maintenance System (AI) (TMS)
Turbo Assembler [Borland] (TASM)
Turbo Editor Macro Language [Borland] (TEML)
Turbo Pascal (TP)
Turbo Pascal for Windows (TPW)
Twisted Nematic (TN)
Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display, "TN-LCD" (TNLCD)
Twisted Pair (TP)
Twisted Pair [cable] (TP)
Twisted Pair Ethernet (TPE)
Twisted Pair Physical layer Medium Dependent, "TP- (TPPMD)
Twisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T] (TPORT)
Twisted Pair Transceiver (TPT)
Typewriter Text (TT)
TeX-Drucksatz-System mit Vorformatierung (LaTeX)
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