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Sales Accounting System (SAS)
Sample and Hold (S/H)
San Diego Supercomputer Center NETwork (Netzwerk, (SDSCNET)
Santa Cruz Operation (Hersteller) (SCO)
Save Cursor Position (SCP)
Save Instruction Recognition (SIR)
Scalable Cluster of RISC Systems (SCRS)
Scalable Parallel Processing (Intel) (SPP)
Scalable Power Parallel System [IBM] (SPPS)
Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC)
Scan String (SCAS)
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Scene Balance Algorithms [Kodak] (SBA)
SCheme Object Oriented Programming System (SCOOPS)
Schwedisches Strahlenschutzinstitut (Schweden, Org (SSI)
Schweizerische Vereinigung fuer Datenverarbeitung (SVD)
Science [USENET Newsgroup Category] (SCI.)
Science Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Envir (SPIKE)
Screen (video display) (SCRN)
Screen Design Aid (IBM, ADT) (SDA)
Screen Reader System (SRD)
Screened Shielded Twisted Pair [cable], "S/STP" (SSTP)
Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair [cable], "S/STP" (SUTP)
Screening External Access Link [Digital-DEC] (SEAL)
SCSI Block Commands (SAM) (SBC)
SCSI Configuration Automatically (SCAM)
SCSI Controller Commands (SAM) (SCC)
SCSI Device Management System [NCR] (SDMS)
SCSI Graphic Commands (SAM) (SGC)
SCSI Stream Commands (SAM) (SSC)
SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM)
SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SAM) (SIP)
SCSI-3 Medium changer Commands (SAM) (SMC)
SCSI-3 Parallel Interface (SAM) (SPI)
SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SAM) (SPC)
SCSI-3 serial Bus Protocol (SAM) (SBP)
Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane (progr (SLOSH)
Second Audio Program (SAP)
Second Parallel Printer Port (LPT2)
Second serial Port (COM2)
Secondary Operand Execution Pipeline (Motorola, CP (SOEP)
Seconds (SS)
Section Terminating Equipment (SONET) (STE)
Sectors Per Track (SPT)
Sectors Per Track (S/TK)
Secure Data Network Service (SDNS)
Secure Fast Packet Switching (SFPS)
Secure Hash Algorithm [NSA] (SHA)
Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP)
Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, "S-HTTP" (SHTTP)
Secure News Server [Internet] (SNEWS)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Secure Socket Layer (TCP/IP) (SSL)
Secure Transaction Technology [Microsoft] (STT)
Secure Transfer Protocol (STP)
Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN)
Security Reference Monitor (SRM)
Segment (SEG)
Segmentation and Reassembly Layer (protocol) (SEAL)
Segmentation And Reassembly Protocol Data Unit (AT (SARPDU)
Segmented Hypergraphics (SHG)
Select (SEL)
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
Selective Dynamic Overload Controls (SDOC)
Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator [IBM] (SSEC)
Self Routing switch Element (ATM) (SRE)
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART)
Send Data (Modem) (SD)
Send ZModem [Unix] (SZ)
Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell) (SPX)
Sequenced Packet Protocol (SPP)
Sequential Access Mode / Method (SAM)
Sequential Block Filemanager (OS-9) (SBF)
Sequential Character Filemanager (OS-9) (SCF)
Sequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire (Sequential Color (SECAM)
Serial (SER)
Serial Access Memory (SAM)
Serial Communications Controllers (SCC)
Serial Controller Chip (SCC)
Serial In Parallel Out (SIPO)
Serial In/Serial Out (SI/SO)
Serial InfraRed (HP) (SIR)
Serial Input Data (SID)
Serial Input/Output (communications driver) (SIO)
Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)
Serial Line Internet Protocol (RFC 1055), "SL/IP" (SLIP)
Serial Link and Interrupt Controller (TSMP, Wyse) (SLIC)
Serial Number (SN)
Serial Number/Password [Omen Technology] (SNP)
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Serial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link, "SPUC (SPUCDL)
Serial Storage Architecture (IBM) (SSA)
Serially Reusable Resource (SRR)
Server (SVR)
SeRVer Installable File System (IBM) (SRVIFS)
Server Message Block (SMB)
Server Message Block [protocol] (IBM, Intel, MS) (SMB)
Server Natural Format (Fonts, X) (SNF)
Server Requester Programming Interface (IBM) (SRPI)
Server to Server Systems Network Architecture (Ban (SSSNA)
Service Access Facilities (Unix) (SAF)
Service Access Point (OSI) (SAP)
Service Advertising Protocol (SAP)
Service Control Agent Function (IN) (SCAF)
Service Control Function (IN) (SCF)
Service Creation Environment Function (IN) (SCEF)
Service Data Unit (OSI) (SDU)
Service Feature (IN) (SF)
Service Independent building Block (IN) (SIB)
Service Logic Program (IN) (SLP)
Service Management Agent Function (IN) (SMAF)
Service Management Function (IN) (SMF)
Service Management Layer (TMN) (SML)
Service Pack [IBM] (SP)
Service Point Command Facility (IBM) (SPCF)
Service Profile Identifier (SPID)
Service Provider Interface (WOSA) (SPI)
Service Request (SRQ)
Service Resource Function (IN) (SRF)
Service Specific Connection Orientated Protocol (A (SSCOP)
Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (ATM) (SSCS)
Service Specific Coordination Function (ATM) (SSCF)
Service Switching & Control Point (IN) (SSCP)
Service Switching Function (IN) (SSF)
Service Switching Point (IN) (SSP)
Service Transaction Program (IBM) (STP)
Session Protocol Data Unit (OSI) (SPDU)
Session Service Access Point (SSAP)
Session Service Data Unit (SSDU)
Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode (LABM) (SABM)
Set Carry Flag (STC)
Set Direction Flag (STD)
Set Graphics Rendition (SGR)
Set Interrupt Flag (STI)
Set Mode (SM)
Set Priority Level (Unix) (SPL)
SEt Theory Language (New York Uni.) (SETL)
Severely Errored Cell Block (UNI) (SECB)
Shaded Graphics Modeling (SGM)
Shadow Random Access Memory (SRAM)
Sharable and Read Only (SRO)
Shared Access Transport Facility (SATF)
Shared Frame Buffer Interconnect (ATI, Intel) (SLFP)
Shared Global Array (DEC, VMS) (SGA)
Shared Memory (SM)
Shared Memory Link (TCP/IP) (SML)
Shared Memory Parallel Computer (SMPC)
Shared Product Object Tree [IBM] (SPOT)
Shareware Trade Association and Resources (Org.) (STAR)
Shell Archive (SHAR)
Shielded Distributed Data Interface (SDDI)
Shielded Twisted Pair [cable] (STP)
Shift Arithmetic Left (SAL)
Shift Arithmetic Right (SAR)
Shift In/Shift Out (SI/SO)
Shift Logical Left (SHL)
Shift Logical Right (SHR)
Shift Register (SR)
Shift-In (SI)
Short Message Service (GSM) (SMS)
Shortest Path First (SPF)
Shrink Quad Flat Package (CPU) (SQFP)
Shugert Associates System Interface (SCSI originat (SASI)
SIcheres MIkroprozessor System (SNI) (SIMIS)
Siemens Modular Link (SML)
Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme [AG] (Herstell (SNI)
Sign Flag (SF)
Signal Computing System Architecture [Dialogic] (SCSA)
Signal Generator (SGEN)
Signal Ground (MODEM) (SG)
Signal Processor (SP)
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
Signal Transfer Point (IN) (STP)
Signal-to-Noise (Ratio) (S/N)
Signaling Connection Control Part (Mobile Systems) (SCCP)
Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer (ATM) (SAAL)
Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Silicon Graphics Incorporated (Hersteller) (SGI)
Silicon Integrated Circuit (SIC)
Silicon On Sapphire (SOS)
Silicon Switch Processor (Cisco) (SSP)
Silly Little Mail Reader (SLMR)
Simple and Efficient Adaptation Layer (ATM) (SEAL)
Simple Communications Programming Enironment [Haye (SCOPE)
Simple File Transfer Protocol (RFC 913) (SFTP)
Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol (RFC 1028) (SGMP)
Simple Internet Protocol Plus (SIPP)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 821/822/733/104 (SMTP)
Simple Management Protocol (SMP)
Simple Network Management Protocol (RFC 1157) (SNMP)
Simple Network Time Protocol (RFC 1769) (SNTP)
SImple Polygone Processor (Unix) (SIPP)
Simple Public-Key [GSS-API] Mechanism (GSS) (SPKM)
Simple SIPP Transition (Internet) (SST)
Simple Web Indexing System for Humans (WAIS, WWW) (SWISH)
Simple Wide Area Information Server [Internet] (SWAIS)
Simulation (language) (SIMULA)
Simulation and Teleprocessing (SIMTEL)
Simulation Oriented Language (SOL)
Simulator (SIM)
Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine (SPOOL)
Single [RAS] Single Inline Memory Module (IC), "S- (SSIMM)
Single Application Mode [Microsoft] (SAM)
Single Application VDM (SAVDM)
Single Attached Station (SAS)
Single Attached Station (FDDI) (SAS)
Single Attachment Concentrator (SAC)
Single Audio System (SAS)
Single Byte Character Set (SBCS)
Single Byte Command Code Set [protocol] (SBCCS)
Single Channel Per Carrier (Satellit) (SCPC)
Single Density (SD)
Single Document Interface (SDI)
Single Error Correction (SEC)
Single In-line Package (SIP)
Single Inline Memory Module (IC) (SIMM)
Single Inline Package Pin (IC) (SIPP)
Single Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor (SIMD)
Single Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream (SIMD)
Single Large Expensive Drive (SLED)
Single Mode Fiber (FDDI) (SMF)
Single Node Control Point (IBM) (SNCP)
Single SideBand Amplitude Modulation (SSBAM)
Single Sided (SS)
Single System Image (SSI)
Single User Test Tools (SUTT)
Single-Board Computer (SBC)
Single-Image Random Dot Stereogram (SIRDS)
Slotted Digital Sense Multiple Access (Modacom), " (SDSMA)
Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)
Small Form Factor [committee] (Massenspeicher) (SFF)
Small Office / Home Office [market] (SOHO)
Small Office Network Data System (SONDS)
Small Peripheral Controller (SPC)
Small Scale Integration (SSI)
Smallest Executable Unit (SEU)
SmallTalk Interface to X (GNU) (STIX)
SMDS Customer Network Management (SMDS), "SMDS CNM (SMDSCNM)
SMDS Interface Protocol (SMDS) (SIP)
SNA Character String (IBM) (SCS)
SNA Network Interconnection (IBM, VTAM) (SNI)
Social Issues [USENET Newsgroup Category] (SOC.)
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecomm (SWIFT)
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
Socket Secure (server) [Internet] (SOCKS)
Softlanding Linux System (SLS)
Software (S/W)
Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Software Defined Network [AT&T] (SDN)
Software Description Database [Internet] (SDD)
Software Development Interface [Mosaic] (SDI)
Software Development Kit (MS) (SDK)
Software Disk Array (SDA)
Software Distribution Net (FidoNet) (SDN)
Software Distribution Utilities (IBM, HP) (SDU)
SoftWare Interrupts (RISC, OS) (SWI)
Software Migration Kit [Microsoft] (SMK)
Software Motion Picture (DEC) (SMP)
Software Publishers Association (Org.) (SPA)
Software Support Engineer (SSE)
Software Technical Bulletin (STB)
Software Technology Interest Group (CERN, Org.) (STING)
Software Through Pictures, "StP" (STP)
Software Und SystemEntwicklung [distribution] (Lin (SUSE)
Softwave Engineering Technology (SET)
Softwre Configuration and Library Management [IBM] (SCLM)
Solid State Disk (SSD)
Sophisticated Operating System (SOS)
Sound (SND)
Sound Blaster Instrument (SBI)
Sound Board (SB)
Sound Effect(s) (SFX)
Sound Exchange (SOX)
Source Adress (SNA, Token Ring) (SA)
Source Code Control System (Unix) (SCCS)
Source Data Automation (SDA)
Source Entry Utility (IBM, ADT) (SEU)
Source Index (SI)
Source link Service Access Point (SSAP)
Source Routing Protocol (IBM) (SRP)
Source-Route Bridge (SRB)
Source/Recipient Node (IBM) (SRN)
Southeastern Universities Research Association NET (SURANET)
Space Delimited File (SDF)
Space Delimited Format (SDF)
Space Physics Analysis Network (SPAN)
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
Spanning Tree Algorithm (STA)
Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1) (STP)
Special Information Tones (SIT)
Special Interest Group (SIG)
Special Interest Group for Programming LANguages (SIGPLAN)
Special Interest Group on Business Information Tec (SIGBIT)
Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and (SIGCAT)
Special Management Functional Element (OSI) (SMFA)
Special Mobile Group (GSM, Org.) (SMG)
Special Purpose Register (SPR)
Specialized Communications eXchange (SCX)
Specialized Data Point (IN) (SDP)
Specification and Description Language (SDL)
Specification and Description Language / Graphical (SDLGR)
Spectrum Cellular Corporation (SPCL)
SpeicherProgrammierbare Steuerungstechnik (SPS)
Spooler (SPL)
Spread-Spectrum Technology (SST)
SQL Access Group (Hersteller, Org.) (SAQ)
SQL Access Group (Org.) (SAG)
SQL Call Level Interface (SAG), "SQL/CLI" (SQLCLI)
Square Root (SQRT)
Squeezed (files) (SQ)
Stack Pointer (SP)
Stack Segment (SS)
Standard (STD)
Standard / Special Edition (IBM, OS/2) (SE)
Standard Apple Numeric Environment (SANE)
Standard Application Architecture (IBM) (SAA)
Standard Auxillary (STDAUX)
Standard Color Display (SCD)
Standard Context Routing (Modacom) (SRC)
Standard Data Format (SDF)
Standard Device Level Protocol (SDLP)
Standard Disk Interface (SDI)
Standard Electronic Module (SEM)
Standard Error (STDERR)
Standard Extended Attribute [OS/2] (SEA)
Standard Generalized Markup Language (ISO 8879) (SGML)
Standard Industrial Code (SIC)
Standard Input (STDIN)
Standard Input/Output Header [C Programming Langua (STDIO.H)
Standard Machine Language (SML)
Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
Standard Meta Language (SML)
Standard Meta Language / New Jersey, "SML/NJ" (SMLNJ)
Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Standard Output (STDOUT)
Standard Page Description Language (ISO) (SPDL)
Standard Printer (STDPRN)
Standard Printer Port (SSP)
Standards and Open Systems (SOS)
Standards Promotion and Application Group (OSI, Or (SPAG)
Standby Power System (SPS)
StandortVerteiler (Kabel, EN 50 173) (SV)
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory [langu (SAIL)
Stanford Information Filtering Tool (SIFT)
Stanford Public Information Retrieval System [Stan (SPIRES)
Start Of Authority record (DNS) (SOA)
Start Of Header (SOH)
Start of Message (SOM)
Start of Text (STX)
State Of The Art (SOTA)
State Transition Diagram (STD)
Static Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM)
Static Graphic Random Access Memory (SGRAM)
Static Invocation Interface (SII)
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)
Station Class Mark (SCM)
Station Identification [AT&T] (SID)
Station ManagemenT (FDDI) (SMT)
Statistical Analysis System (SAS)
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
Statistical Pattern Recognition (SPR)
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Storage Device Interconnect (SDI)
Storage Device Interface (Novell, SMS) (SDI)
Storage Management Data Requester (Novell, SMS) (SMDR)
Storage Management Services [NetWare] (SMS)
Storage Management Subsystem/System (SMS)
Storage Module Device (SMD)
Storage Pedestal Upgrade Disk / Drive (SPUD)
Store Address Register (SAR)
Store Data Register (SDR)
Store Global Descriptor Table (SGDT)
Store Interrupt Descriptor Table (SIDT)
Store Local Descriptor Table (SLDT)
Store Machine Status Word (SMSW)
Store String (STOS)
Store Task Register (STR)
Stored Program Control (SPC)
Strategic Information System (SIS)
Stream Editor (SED)
Stream-Oriented Editor (SED)
Streaming Data Request (SDR)
Streaming Data Strobe [IBM] (SD_STB)
Streams and Iteration in a Single-Assignment Langu (SISAL)
StreetTalk Directory Assistance (Banyan VINES) (STDA)
String Oriented Symbolic Language (Progamming Lang (SNOBOL)
Strobe (STB)
Structered Analysis (SA)
Structered Object Method (SOM)
Structural Design Language (Programming Language) (STRUDL)
Structural Engineering System Solver (Programming (STRESS)
Structure and identification of Management Informa (SMI)
Structure Chart Editor (SCE)
Structure Enhanced Text [Internet] (SETEXT)
Structured Analysis and Design Techniques (SA) (SADT)
STructured and OpeN Environment (FZI Karlsruhe) (STONE)
Structured Design (SD)
Structured English QUEry Language (IBM, SQL, Vorla (SEQUEL)
Structured Entity Relationship Model (Datenbanken) (SERM)
Structured Exception Handling (SEH)
Structured Full-text Query Language (SFQL)
Structured Query Language/Data System (IBM), "SQL/ (SQLDS)
Structured Query Language/Data System [IBM] (SQL/DS)
Structured Query Languge (ISO 9075) (SQL)
Structured System Analysis and Design Method (Date (SSADM)
SubNetwork Attachment Point (IEEE 802.1a) (SNAP)
Subroutine (SUB)
Subscriber Identification Module (Mobile Systems) (SIM)
Subscriber Network Interface (SMDS) (SNI)
Substained Information Rate (SMDS) (SIR)
Substitute (SUB)
Subsystem Control Block [IBM] (SCB)
Subsystem Control Port (SCP)
Subtract (SUB)
Subtract With Borrow (SBB)
Successive Approximation Register (SAR)
Sun Common SCSI Architecture (SCSA)
Sun Microsystems Inc. (Hersteller) (SMI)
Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SUN)
Sun User's Group (Org.) (SUG)
Sun Wide Area Network (SWAN)
SUN's Visual Integrated Environment for Workstatio (SUNVIEW)
Super Density [Disk] (SD)
Super Density Disk (Toshiba, Time Warner) (SDD)
Super Large-Scale Integration (SLSI)
Super VHS (S-VHS)
Super Video Graphic Array (SVGA)
Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)
Super-Twist Nematic (STN)
SuperTwisted Nematic Lyquid Crystal Display, "STN- (STNLCD)
Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA)
Supplementary Information REquest at the National (SIRENE)
Surface Mounted Device (SMD)
Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)
Sustainable Cell Rate (UNI) (SCR)
Swedish University NETwork (SUNET)
Switch to Switch Protocol (DLSW, RFC 1795) (SSP)
Switched Data Service (SDS)
Switched Digital Integrated Service (SDIS)
Switched Digital Video [AT&T] (SDV)
Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)
Switched Virtual Channel / Connections (ATM) (SVC)
Switched Virtual Circuit (IBM) (SVC)
Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Symbolic Assembler Programm (IBM, IBM 704) (SAP)
Symbolic Automatic Integrator (SAINT)
Symbolic Debugger [Unix] (SDB)
Symbolic Interactive Debugger (SID)
Symbolic Link (SYLK)
Symbolic Manipulation Program (SMP)
Symmetrisches MultiProzessor [system] (SMP)
Synchronized Transaction Processing (STP)
Synchronous (SYNC)
Synchronous Channel Check [IBM] (SCC)
Synchronous Data Link Control (SLDC)
Synchronous Data Link Control (IBM) (SDLC)
Synchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic] (SADL)
Synchronous Data Set (SDS)
Synchronous Data Set Controller (SDSC)
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (FDDI, ATM) (SDH)
Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM)
Synchronous Optical NETwork (FDDI, ATM) (SONET)
Synchronous Time Division Multiplexer (STDM)
Synchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) (STM)
Synchronous Transmitter Receiver (STR)
Sysops Distribution System (SDS)
System (SYS)
SYStem ADministrator, "SysAd" (SYSAD)
System and Network Administration Program (SNAP)
System Control Facility (SCF)
System Control Program (SCP)
System Control Unit (CPU, POWER) (SCU)
System Design Language (SDL)
System Development Multitasking (SDM)
System Dialog Facility (BS2000) (SDF)
System Display Architecture [Digital] (SDA)
System Fault Tolerance (Novell) (SFT)
System File Server (SFS)
System Generator (SGEN)
System Generator (SYSGEN)
System IDentification (SID)
System Identification for Home Systems (SIDH)
System Independent Data Format (SIDF)
System Information (SI)
System Log (SYSLOG)
System Management Application Entity (OSI) (SMAE)
System Management Application Process (OSI) (SMAP)
System Management Application Service Element (OSI (SMASE)
System Management Interface Tool (IBM, AIX) (SMIT)
System Management Interrupt [Intel] (SMI)
System Management Mode (CPU) (SMM)
System Management Random Access Memory (SMRAM)
System Management Utility (SMU)
System Manager Facility [Compaq] (SMF)
System Manager's Manual (BSD, Unix) (SMM)
System Modification (SYSMOD)
System Object Model [IBM] (SOM)
System On a Chip (SOC)
System Operator (SYSOP)
System Performance Evaluation Corporation (Org.) (SPEC)
System Performance Monitor /2 (IBM, OS/2), "SPM/2" (SPM2)
System Processing Unit (SPU)
System Product (SP)
System Programming Facility (SPF)
System Programming Language [HP] (SPL)
System Request (SYSREQ)
System Resource Controller (AIX, IBM) (SRC)
System Services Control Point (NAU) (SSCP)
System Stack Pointer (SSP)
System Suppport Gate Array (SSGA)
System Use Sharing Protocol (SUSP)
System V Interface Definition (Unix) (SVID)
System V Release 4 (Unix, OS) (SVR4)
System V Release Number [AT&T] (SVR#)
System Virtual Machine [Microsoft] (SVM)
Systems Library Subscription Service [IBM] (SLSS)
Systems Management Server [Microsoft] (SMS)
Systems Network Architecture (IBM) (SNA)
Systems Network Architecture Distribution Service (SNADS)
Systems Services and Technology (SST)
Switched Virtual Channel (SVC)
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
Synchronous Transport Module Level x (STM-x)
Synchronous Transport Signal Level x (STS-x)
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