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Object (OBJ)
Object Compatibility Standard (Motorola) (OCS)
Object Data Manager (AIX, IBM) (ODM)
Object Database and Environment (AT&T) (ODE)
Object Database Management Group (Org.) (ODMG)
OBject EXchange (WordPerfect) (OBEX)
Object File System [Microsoft] (OFS)
Object IDentifier (OSI) (OID)
Object Interface Definition Language (OIDL)
Object Linking and Embedding [Microsoft] (OLE)
Object Management Architecture [Microsoft] (OMA)
Object Management Group (HP, Sun, ..., Org.) (OMG)
Object Management System (OMS)
OBject management system of STONE (STONE) (OBST)
Object Manager (OM)
Object Modelling Technique (CASE) (OMT)
Object Module Format [Microsoft] (OMF)
Object Orientated [system] Analysis (OOA)
Object Orientated Analysis and Design (OOAD)
Object Orientated COBOL Task Group (CODASYL, Org.) (OOCTG)
Object Orientated Dynamic Language (OODL)
Object Orientated Programming (OOP)
Object Orientated Programming for SmallTalk Applic (OOPSTAD)
Object Orientated System Analysis (OOSA)
Object Oriented Data Base (OODB)
Object Oriented User Interface (OOUI)
Object Query Language (ODMG) (OQL)
Object Request Broker [Microsoft] (ORB)
Object Structured Query Language (OSQL)
Object Technology (OT)
Object Windows Library [Borland] (OWL)
Object-Oriented Database Management System (also s (OODMS)
Object-Oriented Database Management System (also s (ODBMS)
Object-Oriented Language (OOL)
Object-Oriented Operating System (OOOS)
Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOPL)
Object-Oriented Programming System (OOPS)
Object-Oriented SHell (OOSH)
Object-Oriented Systems (OOS)
Object-Oriented Technology (OOT)
Objects Components Framework [Borland] (OCF)
OBjektAbbildungskatalog (ATKIS) (OBAK)
ObjektSchluesselKAtalog (ATKIS) (OSKA)
Occam User Group (Org.) (OUG)
Octal Program Updating System (OPUS)
Off Network Access Line (ONAL)
Off-Hook (MODEM) (OH)
Off-line Operating Simulator (OOS)
Off-Screen Model (OSM)
Office Automation (OA)
Office Automation SYStem (OASYS)
Office Document Architecture [protocol] (RFC 1197) (ODA)
Office Document Interchange Format (ISO) (ODIF)
Office Information Systems (OIS)
Office of Technology Assessment (USA, Org.) (OTA)
Office System Node (IBM, DIA) (OSN)
Ohio Academic Resources NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), " (OARNET)
OLE Control eXtentions (MS) (OCX)
Olivetti EntsorgungsService (OES)
On Board Diagnostics (OBD)
On The Other Hand (DFUE-Slang) (OTOH)
On-Card Sequencer (OCS)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
On-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB prog (ORACLE)
One thousand-millionth (NANO)
One Time Password (OTP)
One Time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTPROM)
One-millionth (MICRO)
One-Time Programmable (IC) (OTP)
One-to-All Broadcast (OAB)
One-to-All Scatter (OAS)
Online Airline Guide (CIS) (OAG)
Online Bugs Database (Sun) (OBD)
Online Computer Library Center (Internet, USA) (OCLC)
Online Public Access Catalog [Internet] (OPAC)
Online Retrieval Interface (ORI)
OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP)
Open Applications Interface (OAI)
Open Architecture Driver [Bernoulli] (OAD)
Open Collaborative Environment (Apple) (OCE)
Open Data Base Connectivity [Microsoft] (ODBC)
Open Data Services [Microsoft] (ODS)
Open Database Application Programming Interface [B (ODAPI)
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
Open Datalink Interface (ODI)
Open Datalink Interface [Novell] (ODI)
Open DeskTop (SCO) (ODT)
Open Device Interconnect [NetWare] (ODI)
Open Distributed Processing (ODP)
Open Document Management API (ODMA)
Open Media Framework (OMF)
Open Media Framework Interchange (OMFI)
Open Message Format (OMF)
Open Messaging Environment (protocol) (OME)
Open Messaging Interface [Lotus] (OMI)
Open Network Architecture (ONA)
Open Network Computing (Sun) (ONC)
Open Network Computing eXternal Data Representatio (ONCXDR)
Open Network Distribution Services [IBM] (ONDS)
Open Network Environment (ONE)
Open Network Management System (OMNS)
Open Prepress Standard (DTP) (OPI)
Open Protocol Technology (OPT)
Open Publishing Architecture (OPA)
Open Scripting Architecture (Apple) (OSA)
Open Shortest Path First [routing] (Internet, IGP, (OSPF)
Open Software Environment (OSE)
Open Software Foundation (HP, DEC, IBM, Org.) (OSF)
Open Software Foundation [system] /1 (OSF, OS), "O (OSF1)
Open System Architecture (OSA)
Open Systems Interconnection (ISO) (OSI)
Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model, "OSI (OSIRM)
Open Systems Message Exchange (OSME)
Open Systems Network (OSN)
Open Token Foundation (OTF)
Open Users Recommended Solutions (OURS)
Operand (OPD)
Operand Execution Pipelines (Motorola, CPU) (OEP)
Operating System (OS)
Operating System - 9 (Microware, OS), "OS-9" (OS9)
Operating System /360 (IBM, OS), "OS/360" (OS360)
Operating System /400 (IBM, OS), "OS/400" (OS400)
Operating System Command Response Language (OSCRL)
Operating System for Distributed Switching (OSDS)
Operating system named after Linus Torvalds (LINUX)
Operating System/2 [IBM] (OS/2)
Operating System/Environment (OS/E)
Operation (OP)
Operation Control Language (OCL)
Operational Code (OPCODE)
Operations (OPS)
Operations And Management (OAM)
Operations Network Administration Center (ONAC)
Operations Per Minute (OPM)
Operations Per Second (OPS)
Operations System 2 (OS/2)
Operations System Function (IN) (OSF)
Operator Control Language (OCL)
Operator Identification Language (ELI) (OIL)
Operator Information Area (IBM) (OIA)
Operator Number Identification (ONI)
Oppose Sun Forever (Slang, Org.) (OSF)
Optical (OP)
Optical Carrier (OC)
Optical Carrier level 3 (SONET), "OC-3" (OC3)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Optical Digital Image Storage System (ODISS)
Optical Disk (OD)
Optical Line Interface [AT&T] (OLI)
Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer, "O-LTM" (OLTM)
Optical Mark Reader (Fax) (OMR)
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
Optical Mode Interface SuperTwisted Nematic [LCD], (OMISTN)
Optical Photoconductor (OPC)
Optical Read Only Memory, "O-ROM" (OROM)
Optical Remote Module (ORM)
Optical Storage Manager (ARMS) (OSM)
Optical Storage Processor (OSP)
Optical Storage Technology Association (Org.) (OSTA)
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
Optical WaveGuide (OWG)
Optical Write Once Read Many, "O-WORM" (OWORM)
Optimal Flexible Architecture (Oracle) (OFA)
Optimized Dynamic Routing (SNI) (ODR)
Organization (organization Domain name) [Internet] (ORG)
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Originator / Recipient (X.400), "O/R" (OR)
OS-9 Windows / Level 2, "OSW/L2" (OSWL2)
OS/2 inside Class Library (OCL)
OSI Implementors Workshop (OSI) (OIW)
Out-of-Cell Delineation (UNI) (OCD)
Output (OP)
Output Feedback (mode) (OFB)
Output Field Separator (OFS)
Output Format for Numbers (OFMT)
Output Logic Macrocell (OLMC)
Output Record Separator (ORS)
Output String (OUTS)
OverDrive Processor (Intel) (ODP)
Overflow (OV)
Overflow Flag (OF)
Overhead Data Stream (ODS)
Oxford University Computing Laboratory (OUCL)
Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
Office Document Architecture (ODA)
Office Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
Open Distributed Processing (ODP)
Open Look
Open Network Environment (ONE)
Open Software Environment (OSE)
Open Software Foundation (OSF)
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Betriebssystem (OS)
Ôbjektorientierte Programmierung (OOP)
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