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N-channel [Silicon Gate Reversed] CMOS (NCMOS)
NachrichtenVermittlungsSystem (INPOL) (NVS)
Name Binding Protocol (NBP)
Name of first computer to use transistors, built b (SEAC)
Name Server (DNS, Unix) (NS)
Name Server Lookup [Unix] (NSLOOKUP)
Named Pipes / Mail Slots (MS) (NPMS)
Nanosecond (NS)
Narrow-Band Analog Mobile Phone Service [Motorola] (NAMPS)
Narrowband Integrated-Services Digital Network, "N (NISDN)
NASA Ames Kernel (benchmark) (NASKER)
NASA Extragalactic Database [NASA] (NED)
NASA Science Internet (NSI)
NASA Science Network (USA, Netzwerk) (NSN)
NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer (NSSC)
National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors (NACS)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Algorithms Group (UK), "NAg" (NAG)
National Association of Broadcasters (Org., USA) (NAB)
National Association of Computer Dealers (NACD)
National Association of Multimedia Shareware (Org. (NAMS)
National Association of Securities Dealers Automat (NASDAQ)
National Association of Telecommunications Officer (NATOA)
National Bureau of Standards (Org., Vorlaeufer, NI (NBS)
National Cash Register (Company) (NCR)
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (O (NCSA)
National Computer and Telecommunications Laborator (NCTL)
National Computer Graphics Association (Org., USA) (NCGA)
National Computer Security Center (Org., USA) (NCSC)
National Computer Systems Laboratory (NIST, Org.) (NCSL)
National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
National Education Supercomputer (NES)
National Handwriting Recognition (NHR)
National HPCC Software Exchange (USA) (NHSE)
National Hurricane Center (NHC)
National Information Infrastructure (USA) (NII)
National Information Infrastructure Testbed (ISH, (NIIT)
National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
National Information Technology Center (NITC)
National Institute of Health [c++] Class Library ( (NIHCL)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (Or (NIST)
National ISDN (N-ISDN)
National Language Support Function (NLSFUNC)
National Language Version [IBM] (NLV)
National Public Telecomputing Network (Netzwerk) (NPTN)
National Research and Education Network (USA, Netz (NREN)
National Research Council (Canada) (NRC)
National Schengen Information System (SIS, EU) (NSIS)
National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Science Foundation NETwork (Netzwerk, USA (NFSNET)
National Science Foundation NETwork (USA, Netzwerk (NSFNET)
National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
National Security Agency (Org., USA) (NSA)
National Security Agency Polygraph (NSA POLY)
National SemiConductor (Hersteller) (NSC)
National Software Testing Labs (NSTL)
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA)
National Television Standards Committee (Org., USA (NTSC)
Native Client Interface Architecture (IOS) (NCIA)
Native Input/Output (NIO)
Native Language System (OSF) (NLS)
Native Signal Processing [Intel] (NSP)
Natural Processing Unit (NPU)
Natural-Language Processing (NLP)
Near Letter Quality (NLQ)
Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT)
Near-Video On Demand (NVOD)
Nearest Active Upstream Neighbour (MAC) (NAUN)
Negate (NEG)
Negative (NEG)
Negative Acknowledgment (NAK)
Negative-channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (IC) (NMOS)
NETBIOS Extended User Interface (NETBEUI)
NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM] (NetBEUI)
NetView Distribution Manager /2 (OS/2, IBM), "NVDM (NVDM2)
Netware Access Services (Novell) (NAS)
Netware Asynchronous Communication Server (Novell) (NACS)
Netware Asynchronous Service Interface (Novell) (NASI)
NetWare Core Protocol (Novell) (NCP)
Netware Directory Services (Novell) (NDS)
Netware Distributed Management Services (Novell) (NDMS)
NetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer] (NEWS)
Netware Embedded Systems Technology (Novell) (NEST)
Netware Link Services Protocol (Novell) (NLSP)
NetWare Loadable Module [Netware] (NLM)
NetWare Management Map [NetWare] (NMM)
NetWare Telephony Services Architecture [Novell] (NTSA)
Network (organization Domain name) [Internet] (NET)
Network Access Control System (NACS)
Network Access Device (NAD)
Network Access Point (NAP)
Network Access Point (IN) (NAP)
Network Adapter Card (NAC)
Network Address Translator (RFC 1631) (NAT)
Network Addressable Unit (IBM, SNA, OSI) (NAU)
Network Administration Center (NAC)
Network Application Support [DEC] (NAS)
Network Architecture Group (Org.) (NAG)
Network Attachment Unit (GigaB, IP-Router) (NAU)
NETwork Basic Input Output System (IBM, RFC 1001/1 (NETBIOS)
Network Basic Input/Output System [IBM] (NetBIOS)
NETwork BLock Transfer (NETBLT)
Network Channel-Terminating Equipment (NCTE)
NETwork Common Data Format (NETCDF)
Network Communications Adapter (NCA)
Network Communications Control Facility (IBM) (NCCF)
Network Communications Services Interface [Network (NCSI)
Network Computing System (HP, Apollo) (NCS)
Network Computing System Network Data Representati (NCSNDR)
Network Control (NC)
Network Control Center (NCC)
Network Control Processor/Program (IBM)/Protocol (NCP)
Network Coordinator (FidoNet) (NC)
Network Data Collection Center (NDCC)
Network Data Representation (NDR)
Network Database Language (NDL)
Network Device Development Kid [Microsoft] (NDDK)
Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS)
Network Driver Interface Specification (3COM, MS) (NDIS)
Network Entry Point (NEP)
Network Extensible File System, "NeFS" (NEFS)
Network File System (Sun, Unix) (NFS)
Network File Transfer (NFT)
Network Filesystem (NFS)
Network I/Os Per Second (NIPS)
Network Infomation Service (NIS)
Network Information and Control Exchange (DECNET) (NICE)
Network Information Center [Internet] (NIC)
Network Information Center OnLine Aid System [NASA (NICOLAS)
Network Information Retrieval (NIR)
Network Information System (Unix) (NIS)
Network Information System / Yellow Pages, "NIS/yp (NISYP)
Network Installation Management [IBM] (NIM)
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Network Interface Unit (NIU)
Network Job Entry (BITNET, RSCS) (NJE)
Network Layer Protocol IDentifier (ATM) (NLPID)
Network License Server (NLS)
Network Logical Data Manager (IBM) (NLDM)
Network Management Architecture (SNA) (NMA)
Network Management Center (NMC)
Network Management Forum (NMF)
Network Management Layer (TMN) (NML)
Network Management Productivity Facility (IBM) (NMPF)
Network Management Protocol [AT&T] (NMP)
Network Management Station (Novell) (NMS)
Network Network Interface (NNI)
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
Network News Transfer Protocol (Internet, RFC 977) (NNTP)
Network Node (NN)
Network Node Interface (ATM) (NNI)
Network OPAC (NOPAC)
Network Operating System (NOS)
Network Operations Center (NOC)
Network Printer Alliance (IEEE 1284, IBM, Lexmark, (NPA)
Network Printer Interface (NPI)
Network Problem Determination Application (IBM) (NPDA)
Network Protocol Service Interface (NPSI)
Network Queing System [Cray] (NQS)
Network Service Access Point (OSI) (NSAP)
Network Service Center (NSC)
Network Service Provider (NSP)
Network Services Protocol (DECNET) (NSP)
Network Supervisor (NS)
Network Time Protocol (Internet, RFC 1119) (NTP)
Network Transport Services /2 (IBM), "NTS/2" (NTS2)
Network User Address (NUA)
Network User Identification (NUI)
Network User Interface (NUI)
Network Virtual Terminal (NVT)
Network Voice Protocol (NVP)
Networked Extensible Windowing System, "NeWS" (NEWS)
Networked Information Services Project (NISP)
Netzwerk Arbeitswelt Informatik (Hersteller) (NAI)
Netzwerk Management (NM)
Netzwerk Terminator (ISDN) (NT)
Never The Same Color (Slang) (NTSC)
New England Academic and Research NETwork (USA, Ne (NEARNET)
NEw eXtended Technology, "NeXT" (NEXT)
New Interactive Display [NEC] (NID)
New Line (NL)
new LINUX binary format (ELF)
New Run-OFF (Unix) (NROFF)
New Technology (NT)
New Technology [Microsoft] (NT)
New Technology File System (NTFS)
New Technology File System [Microsoft] (NTFS)
New York State Education and Research NETwork (Net (NYSERNET)
New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc. (Org.) (NZUSUGI)
Newfoundland Daylight Time (TZ) (NDT)
Newfoundland Standard Time (TZ) (NST)
NeWS Development Environment (NDE)
NeWS Terminal, "NeWT" (NEWT)
Newton ToolKit (Apple) (NTK)
Next Hop Routing Protocol (X.25) (NHRP)
Next ID (NID)
Next Instruction Address (NIA)
NextStep Fuer IntelProzessoren, "NSfIP" (NSFIP)
NIckel CaDmium [batterie], "NiCd" (NICD)
NIckel Metal Hybrid [batterie], "NiMH" (NIMH)
Nickel-Cadmium (NICAD)
Nippon Electronic Corporation (Hersteller) (NEC)
Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (Org., Japan) (NTT)
Nixdorf Communications Network (NCN)
No Carry (NC)
No Fault Found (NFF)
No Good (NG)
No News [Internet] (NN)
No Operation (NOP)
No Overflow (NV)
No Parse Headers (HTML) (NPH)
NO Remote Memory Access (OSF/1, Multi-Server) (NORMA)
No Trouble Found (NTF)
Nodal Switching Subsystem (NSFNET) (NSS)
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP)
Non Coded Information (NCI)
Non Return to Zero Inverted (NRZI)
Non Stop (NS)
Non Uniform Rational B-spline (NURB)
Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (UNI, ATM) (NBMA)
Non-Carbon Paper (NCP)
Non-Destructive Read Out (NDRO)
Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Non-Interlaced (N/I)
Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI)
Non-Return-to-Zero [recording] (NRZ)
Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM)
Nonprocedural Language (NPL)
Norddeutsche DatenAutobahn (Netzwerk) (NDA)
North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS)
NorthWestern states NETwork (Netzwerk, USA), "NWNe (NWNET)
Norton Commander (Symantec) (NC)
Norway-net with IT for Open Learning (Netzwerk) (NITOL)
Not Above or Equal (NAE)
Not Below or Equal (NBE)
Not Copy Protected (NCP)
Not Greater or Equal (NGE)
Not Less or Equal (NLE)
Not Or (NOR)
Not Return to Zero (NRZ)
Not to be Defined (NDEF)
Notebook User Interface [Go Corporation] (NUI)
Nothing But Initials (NBI)
Novell Productivity Specialist [Novell] (NPS)
Novell Virtual Terminal [Novell] (NVT)
NSF Network Service Center (Org.) (NNSC)
NT Advamced Server [Microsoft] (NTAS)
NT Remote Access Services [Microsoft] (NTRAS)
Null (NUL)
Number Assignment Module (NAM)
Numeric Backspace (NBS)
Numeric Data Processor (NDP)
Numeric Intensive Computing (NIC)
Numeric Processor Extension (NPX)
Numerical Control (NC)
Numerical Control for Machine Tools (NCMT)
National [Native] Language Support (NLS)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA)
National Information on Software and Services (NISS)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET)
National Television Standards Committee (NTSC)
Near Letter Quality (NLQ)
NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI)
Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS)
Network Computer (NC)
Network Control Program (NCP)
Network Extensible Window System (NeWS)
Network File System (NFS)
Network Information Center (NIC)
Network Information Service (NIS)
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Network Node Interface (NNI)
Network Operating System (NOS)
Network Queuing System (NQS)
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
New Technology (NT)
Non Maskable Interrupt (NMI)
Normalized Device Coordinates (NDC)
Not a Number (NaN)
Not Connected (NC)
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
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