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MAchine INdependent SAIL (MAINSAIL)
Machine Interface Layer [Go Corporation] (MIL)
Machine Language (ML)
Machine Oriented High Level Language (MOHLL)
Machine Status Word (MSW)
Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electr (MARVEL)
Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer) (Mac)
Macintosh Application Environment (Apple, Sun) (MAE)
Macintosh File System [Macintosh] (MFS)
MACintosh Operating System (Apple, OS), "Mac OS" (MACOS)
Macintosh Programmers Workshop (Apple) (MPW)
Macintosh Software Distribution Network (FidoNet) (MSDN)
Macro Assembler [Microsoft] (MASM)
Macro Interpretive Commands (MICS)
Magnetic Fusion Energy NETwork (MFENET)
Magnetic Opticel (MO)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Magnetic Tape Field Search (MFS)
Magneto - Resistive (HDD) (MR)
Magneto-Optical (disk drive) (MO)
Magneto-Optical Disk (MOD)
Magneto-Optical Write Once Read Many, "MO-WORM" (MOWORM)
Mail eXchange (Unix) (MX)
Mail User Agent (MUA)
MailBox (MB)
Mailbox (MBX)
Mailing List Manager [Internet] (MLM)
Main Ring Path Length (MRPL)
MainFrame Interactive (IBM) (MFI)
Maintenance Analysis Procedures (IBM) (MAP)
Maintenance Operations Protocol (DEC) (MOP)
Major Open Systems Environment Standards (MOSES)
Make Directory (MKDIR)
Make Directory (MD)
Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
Managemaent Service Focal Point (IBM) (MSFP)
Management Information Base (OSI, RFC 1156) (MIB)
Management Information Format (MIF)
Management Information System (MIS)
Manager (MGR)
Managment Object (OSI) (MO)
Manchester Code Converter (MCC)
Manchester Computing Centre (Linux) (MCC)
Manchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T] (MDIC)
Manual [Unix] (MAN)
Manual Page [Unix] (MANPAGE)
Manufacturing and Automated Design Engineering (MADE)
Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP)
Manufacturing Automation Protocol/Technical Office (MAPTOP)
Manufacturing Design Rule Checker (MDRC)
Manufacturing Design System (MDS)
Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Informati (MAPICS)
Map Specification Library (MSL)
Mark Zbikowski (MSDOS) (MZ)
Mass Storage Control Protocol (MSCP)
Mass Storage Device (MSD)
Mass Storage System (MSS)
Massachusetts General Hospital Utility (MUMPS)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Org., USA) (MIT)
Massively Parallel (processing) (MP)
Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)
MAssively parallel uniX (Cray, OS, MIMD) (MAX)
Master Boot Record (MBR)
Master Boot Record (MBR)
Master Control Program (MCP)
Master Control Program/Advanced System, "MCP/AS" (MCPAS)
Master File Table (MFT)
Matched Memory Cycle (MMC)
Material Control System (MCS)
Materials Manager Information System (MMIS)
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
Mathematical Programming System eXtended (IBM) (MPSX)
Matrox Graphics Adapter (MGA)
Matsushita White Skipping (Fax) (MWS)
Maui High Performance Computing Center (Org., USA) (MHPCC)
Maximal Transfer Unit (MTU)
Maximum (MAX)
Maximum Availability and Support Subsystem [Parall (MASS)
Maximum Burst Size (MBS)
Maximum Image (IMAX)
Maximum Message Size (MMS)
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
MCI Communications Corp. (name from initials of or (MCI)
Mean Cycle Between Failure (MCBF)
Mean Repair Time (MRT)
Mean Swaps Between Failures (MSBF)
Mean Time Between Breakdowns (MTBB)
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
Mean Time Between Jams (MTBJ)
Mean Time Data Availability (MTDA)
Mean Time To Diagnose (MTTD)
Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)
Mean Time To First Failure (MTTFF)
Mean Time to Recovery / Repair / React (MTTR)
Mean-Time-Between-Parts-Replacement (MTBRP)
Measurement Layer Interface (UMA) (MCI)
Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)
Mechanical DeskTop (SGI) (MDT)
Media Access Control (OSI) (MAC)
Media Access Unit (MAU)
Media Control Interface [Microsoft] (MCI)
Media Interface Connector (FDDI) (MIC)
Media Recognition System (MRS)
Medicated Digest Authentication (HTTP) (MDA)
Medium Attachment Unit (IEEE 802.3, Transciever) (MAU)
Medium Dependent Interface (Ethernet) (MDI)
Medium Scale Integration (MSI)
Mega Byte (MB)
Mega Evil Grin (DFUE-Slang) (MEG)
MegaBits Per Second (MbPS)
Megabyte (MEG)
Megabyte (1,000 kilobytes) (MB)
Megabytes Per Second (MBPS)
Megahertz (MHz)
MehrFrequenzwahlVerfahren (MFV)
Member Information Exchange (MIX)
Memory (MEM)
Memory Allocation Map (MAP)
Memory Control Block (MCB)
Memory Enhancement Technology, (HP), "MEt" (MET)
Memory Expansion Board (MEB)
Memory Input/Output (Motorola) (MIO)
Memory Management Unit (MMU)
Memory System (MS)
Memory Technology Drivers (MTD)
Memory-Order Buffer (MOB)
Mess-, Steuer- und Regelungssysteme (MSR)
Message (MSG)
Message Authentication Code (MAC)
Message Format Service (IBM, IMS) (MFS)
Message Handling System (GOSIP, X.400, Novell) (MHS)
Message IDentifier (ATM) (MID)
Message Integrity Check (MIC)
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
Message Passing Interface Forum (Hersteller) (MPIF)
Message Passing Library [IBM] (MPM)
Message Posting Protocol (RFC 1204) (MPP)
Message Processing Program (MPP)
Message Protocol Data Unit (MPDU)
Message Queue Interface (MQI)
Message Send Protocol (RFC 1159) (MSP)
Message Store (MS)
Message Transfer Agent (OSI, X.400) (MTA)
Message Transfer Part (Mobile Systems) (MTP)
Message Transfer Service/System (MTS)
Message-Orientated Text Interchange Systems (MOTIS)
Messaging Application Program Interface (MS, WOSA) (MAPI)
Meta Language (ML)
Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor (IC) (MNOS)
Metal Ocide Varistor (MOV)
Metal Oxide Semiconductor (IC) (MOS)
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
Metal-Insulator-Metal (screen) (MIM)
Metall-Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)
Metallized Ceramic - Pin Grid Array (MC-PGA)
Metallized Ceramic - Quad Flat Pack (MC-QFP)
Method Request Broker (OMG) (MRB)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Metropolitan Campus Network (MCN)
Micro Channel Adapter/Architecture [IBM] (MCA)
Micro-Instruction Register (MIR)
Microcom Networking Protocol [Microcom] (MNP)
Microcomputer Managers Association (MMA)
Microcomputer Marketing Council (MMC)
Microprocessor Unit (MPU)
Microprocessor without Interlocked Piped Stages (MIPS)
Microprogram Address Register (MAR)
Microsoft (MS)
Microsoft - Disk Operating System [Microsoft] (MS-DOS)
Microsoft Anti Virus [Microsoft] (MSAV)
Microsoft At Work (MAW)
Microsoft Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft] (MSACM)
Microsoft BASIC [Microsoft] (MBASIC)
MicroSoft C (MSC)
Microsoft Compact Disc Extensions [Microsoft] (MSCDEX)
Microsoft Compatibility Labs [Microsoft] (MCL)
Microsoft Corporation (MS)
MicroSoft Developer Network (Internet, MS) (MSDN)
Microsoft Developer Support [Microsoft] (MSDS)
MicroSoft Disk Operating System (MS) (MSDOS)
Microsoft Flash File System [Microsoft] (MFFS)
Microsoft Foundataion Class [Microsoft] (MFC)
Microsoft Interface Definition Language (NT) (MIDL)
Microsoft Network [Microsoft] (MSN)
Microsoft Office Manager [Microsoft] (MOM)
Microsoft Realtime Compression Format (MS) (MRCF)
Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface (MS) (MRCI)
Microsoft Software Library (Internet, MS) (MSL)
Microsoft System Diagnostics [Microsoft] (MSD)
Microsoft Tape Format [Microsoft] (MTF)
MicroSoft Visual C (MSVC)
Microsoft/IBM/Intel (MII)
Microstation Development Language (CAD) (MDL)
Middle Button (of 3 button Mouse) (MB)
MIDI Machine Control (MMC)
MIDI Manufacturer Association (Org., IMA) (MMA)
MIDI Time Code (MIDI) (MTC)
Militaerischer AbschirmDienst (MAD)
Military (organization Domain name) [Internet] (MIL)
MILitary NETwork (USA) (MILNET)
Milliampere (mA)
Milliampere-Hour (mAh)
Million FLoating-point OPerations per Second (MFLOPS)
Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)
Millisecond (MS)
Millivolt (mV)
MIMIC Hardware Description Language (MHDL)
Mini Disk (Sony) (MD)
Minimum (MIN)
Minimum Cell Rate (UNI, ATM) (MCR)
Minimum Design Requirement (MDR)
Minimum Security Function Requirements [IBM] (MSFR)
Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool [Internet] (MINUET)
Minnesota Regional NETwork (Netzwerk, USA) (MRNET)
Mint is Not TOS (Atari), "MiNT" (MINT)
MIPS Technologies Inc. (Hersteller, SGI) (MTI)
Mircosoft Foundation Class (MFC)
Mirrored Server Link (MSL)
Miscellaneous (MISC)
Mission Planning and Control Station (Software) (MPCS)
Mitteldeutsches Communication Center (Leipzig) (MCC)
Mittelstands-Anwendungs-System 90 (IBM) (MAS90)
Mittlere DatenTechnik (MDT)
Mixed Object Document Content Architecture (IBM), (MODCA)
Mobile Application Part (Mobile Systems) (MAP)
Mobile Identification Number (MIN)
Mobile Management (Mobile Systems) (MM)
Mobile Station (Mobile Systems) (MS)
Mobile Station ISDN Number (Mobile Systems), "MS-I (MSISDN)
Mobile Station Roaming Number (Mobile Systems) (MSRN)
Mobile Switching Center (Mobile Systems) (MSC)
Mobile version of SEAC, built for deployment to Wh (SWAC)
Model View Controller (Smalltalk, GUI) (MVC)
Modem Access Control System (MACS)
Modem Ready (MR)
Modified Constant Angular Velocity (MCAV)
Modified Constant Angular Velocity (Optical Disk) (MCVA)
Modified Filing System [Revelation Technologies] (MFS)
Modified Frequency Modulation (MFM)
Modified Huffman (Fax) (MH)
Modified Modified Read (Fax) (MMR)
Modified Read (Fax) (MR)
Modified, Exclusive, Shared and Invalid (protocol) (MESI)
Modile Data Link Protocol (MDLP)
Modular GIS Environment (MGE)
Modular Integrated Communications Environment (MICE)
Modular Jack (MJ)
Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
Modulator Demodulator (MODEM)
Module (MOD)
Module Interconnection Facility (Proteus) (MIF)
Modulus (MOD)
Monitor Under Test (MUT)
Monochrome Display (MD)
Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA)
Monochrome Graphics Adapter (MGA)
Monochrome Video Graphics Array (MVGA)
MonopolUebertragungsWeg, "MueW" (MUeW)
Month Day Year (MDY)
Mortice Kern Systems (Hersteller) (MKS)
Most Economic Route Selection (MERS)
Most Recently Used (MRU)
Most Recently-Used Master (MRM)
Most Significant Bit (MSB)
Most Significant Digit (MSD)
Mother Board (MOBO)
Motion Picture Expert Group (Org., ISO 11172-1) (MPEG)
Move (MOV)
Move String (MOVS)
MUD Object Orientated (Internet) (MOO)
Multi Channel Per Carrier (Satellit) (MCPC)
Multi Color Graphics Adapter (MCGA)
Multi Frequency (MF)
Multi Media Extension (MMX)
Multi Protocol Router [Novell] (MPR)
Multi Protocol Transport Architecture (IBM, SNA) (MPTA)
Multi Protocol Transport Networking (IBM) (MPTN)
Multi Protocol Transport Services / 2 (IBM, OS/2), (MPTS2)
Multi Purpose Peripheral Device (MPPD)
Multi-Byte Character Set [IBM] (MBCS)
Multi-channel, Multi-point Distribution System (MMDS)
Multi-Chip Unit [DEC] (MCU)
Multi-Programming System (Programming Language) (MUMPS)
Multi-Protocol Quad Port [IBM] (MPQP)
Multi-Region Operation (MRO)
Multi-Station Access Unit (MSAU)
Multi-User Dialogue/Domain/Dungeon [Internet] (MUD)
Multi-User Shared Environment (MUSE)
Multi-Vendor Interacting Forum (Org., IN) (MVIF)
Multicast Backbone [Internet] (MBONE)
Multichannel Communications System (Mac) (MCS)
Multichannel Television Sound (MTS)
MultiChip Module (CPU) (MCM)
Multifunction Peripheral (MFP)
Multifunction Peripheral Interface (MFPI)
MultiFunktionales KonferenzSystem (MFKS)
Multilayer Actuator Head [Epson] (MACH)
Multilayer Ceramic (MLC)
Multilevel Cell (program) [Internet] (MLC)
MultiLevel Secure [operating systems] (MLS)
MultiLine Entry field (IBM, OS/2) (MLE)
Multilingual Application Programming Interface (MLAPI)
MultiMedia Comands (SAM) (MMC)
MultiMedia Compact Disk (Sony, Philips) (MMCD)
MultiMedia Compact Disk - Erasable (Sony, Philips) (MMCDE)
Multimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft] (MDK)
Multimedia Information Network eXchange (MINX)
Multimedia Information Sources [Internet] (MIS)
Multimedia Personal Computer (MPC)
MultiMedia Presentation Manager /2 (IBM, OS/2), "M (MMPM2)
Multimedia User Interface (SGI) (MUI)
Multimedia Video Processor (MVP)
Multimedia Viewer Book (MVB)
Multimedia Viewer Compiler (MVC)
MultiPage Signal (Fax) (MPS)
Multipart Repeater (MPR)
Multipath Channel (MPC)
Multiple Application VDM (MAVDM)
Multiple Document Interface (MS) (MDI)
Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (process (MIMD)
Multiple Link Interface (ODI) (MLI)
Multiple Link Interface Driver (ODI) (MLID)
Multiple Processors (MP)
Multiple Programming Executive [HP] (MPE)
Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation (MPOW)
Multiple Slots on Continuation Mechanism (DQDB) (MSCM)
Multiple Subscribe Number (MSN)
Multiple Subscriber Number (Euro-, ISDN) (MSN)
Multiple Systems Networking Facility (IBM) (MSNF)
Multiple Terminal Access (MTA)
Multiple Virtual DOS Machines (MVDM)
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
Multiple Virtual Storage/eXtended Architecture, "M (MVSXA)
Multiple Virtual Storage/System Product, "MVS/SP" (MVSSP)
Multiple Virtual System (OS) (MVS)
Multiple Zone Recording (MZR)
Multiple-Systems Operator (MSO)
Multiplex Device Interface (MDI)
MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service (MULTICS)
Multiplexed Streaming Data Request (MSDR)
Multiplexer (MUX)
MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer (MULDEM)
Multiply (MUL)
Multiport / Multiprotocol Communication Processor (MCP)
MultiPort Transceiver (MPT)
Multiprecision Integer (MPI)
Multiprocessor Specification (MPS)
Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks (MFT)
Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks (MVT)
MultiProtocol (MP)
Multiprozessor Interconnect Bus (MPI)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (RFC 1341/11 (MIME)
Multistation Access Unit (MAU)
MultiUser-/multitasking Operating System (DDR, OS) (MUTOS)
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
MuTating Engine (Viren), "MtE" (MTE)
magneto-optisch (MO)
Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP)
Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)
Mean Time to Recovery (or Repair) (MTTR)
Media Access Control (MAC )
Medium Access Control (MAC)
megabyte (MB)
Memory Management Unit (MMU)
Meß-, Steuer- und Regelungssysteme (MSR)
Message Handling System (MHS)
Message Oriented Text Interchange System (MOTIS)
Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Micro Channel Architecture (MCA)
Microcom Networking Protocol (MNP)
Microsoft (MS)
Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS)
Military Network (MILNET)
Million Instructions per Second (MIPS)
Modified Frequency Modulation (MFM)
Modular Application for JOURnals (MAJOUR)
Molecular Design Ltd. (MDL)
Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
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