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Label (LBL)
Laboratory for Computer Science (MIT) (LCS)
LaenderDatenVerareitungsAnlage (LDVA)
LAN Adapter and Protocol Support (LAPS)
LAN and SCSI Adapter [IBM] (LSA)
LAN Emulation (LANE, ATM) (LE)
LAN Emulation Client (LANE, ATM) (LEC)
LAN Emulation Server (LANE, ATM) (LES)
LAN Management Utilities [IBM] (LMU)
LAN Manager for Unix (LM/X)
LAN Manager for Unix, "LM/U" (LMU)
LANE User Network Interface (LANE, ATM) (LUNI)
Language Extension Module (LEM)
Language Reference Manual (LRM)
Large Internet Exchange Packet [Novell] (LIEP)
Large Internet Packet (LIP)
Large Scale Integration (LSI)
Last Cluster Used (LCU)
Last Compliance Time (GCRA) (LCT)
Last File Indicator (LFI)
Last In First Out (LIFO)
Last In First Out (LIFO)
Last In, Last Out (LILO)
Last Recently Used (LRU)
LATA Equal Access System (LEAS)
Law Enforcement Access Field (EES, Verschluesselun (LEAF)
Layer Management Entity (OSI) (LME)
Layered Device Driver Architecture [Microsoft] (LADDR)
Layered Error Correction (CD) (LEC)
Lazy Write (LZ)
Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC)
LEAF Creation Method (EES, Verschluesselung) (LCM)
League for Programming Freedom (Org.) (LPF)
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Least Frequently Used (LFU)
Least Recently Loaded (LRL)
Least Recently-Used Master (LRM)
Least Significant Bit (LSB)
Least Significant Character (LSC)
Least Significant Digit (LSD)
Left Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse) (LB)
Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Left-To-Right (LTR)
Lempel-Ziv-Walsh (algorithm) (LZW)
Less or Equal (LE)
Letter (LTR)
Letter Quality (LQ)
Lexicon (LEX)
Librarian (LBR)
Library Construction Kit [Mircrosoft FoxPro] (LCK)
Library Information Access System (LIAS)
Library Information Management System (LIMS)
Library Maintenance System (BS2000) (LMS)
Library Of Congress Information System (Internet) (LOCIS)
Library User Information Service (LUIS)
Licensed Internal Code (LIC)
Licensed Program Product (IBM) (LPP)
Licensed Services Application Program Interface (M (LSAPI)
LichtWellenLeiter (Kabel) (LWL)
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radi (LASER)
Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Light Weight Process (Sun, OS) (LWP)
Limited Availability (IBM, OS/2) (LA)
Line Feed (LF)
Line Interface Coupler [IBM] (LIC)
Line Interface Unit (LIU)
Line Link Network (LLN)
Line Oriented Editor (LORE)
Line PrinTer (LPT)
Line Printer Daemon (LPD)
Line Printer DAEMON (LPD)
Line Printer DAEMON Protocol (RFC 1179) (LPDP)
Line Repeater Station (LRS)
Line Sharing Adapter (LSA)
Line Terminating Equipment (SONET) (LTE)
Linear Predictive Coding (Sprachverarbeitung) (LPC)
Linear Programming (LP)
Lines Of Code (LOC)
Lines Per Inch (LPI)
Lines per Inch (lpi)
Lines Per Minute (LPM)
Link (LNK)
Link Access Procedure (X.25) (LAP)
Link Access Procedure - Balanced (X.25) (LAPB)
Link Access Procedure for Modem (LAPM)
Link Access Procedure on the D channel (X.25) (LAPD)
Link Control Protocol (LCP)
Link Quality Monitoring (protocol) (LQM)
Link Register (LR)
Link Support Layer (ODI) (LSL)
Link, Embed and Launch (UNIX) (LEL)
Link, Embed and Launch-to-edit [Lotus] (LEL)
Linux Document Project (LDP)
Linux Support Team [distribution] (LST)
Linux/GNU/X [distribution] (Yggdrasil) (LGX)
Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD)
LISP Object Oriented Programming System (Xerox) (LOOPS)
List (LST)
List Processing (Language)(See HLL) (LISP)
List Server [Internet] (LISTSERV)
Listen Before Talk (LBT)
Live Parsing eXtensible Editor (IBM, OS/2) (LPEX)
Loacal Area Network (LAN)
Load Access Rights (LAR)
Load Effective Address (LEA)
Load Global Descriptor Table (LGDT)
Load Interrupt Descriptor Table (LIDT)
Load Local Descriptor Table (LLDT)
Load Machine Status Word (LMSW)
Load Segment Limit (LSL)
Load String Byte (LODSB)
Load Task Register (LTR)
Loader Debugger Protocol (RFC 909) (LDP)
Local Access Data Transport (LADT)
Local Access Terminal (LAT)
Local Access Transport Area (LATA)
Local Area Multicomputer (Parallel Computing) (LAM)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network Asynchronous Connection Server (LANACS)
Local Area Network Emulation (ATM) (LANE)
Local Area Signaling Service (LASS)
Local Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC] (LASTport)
Local Area Transport [DEC] (LAT)
Local Area VAX Cluster (LAVC)
Local Area Wireless Network (LAWN)
Local Asynchronous Transfer Mode (LATM)
Local Bus Accelerator (LBX)
Local Bus Master (LBM)
Local Bus Targets (LBT)
Local Descriptor Table (LDT)
Local Exchange Carrier (FCC, LATA) (LEC)
Local Location Broker (NCS) (LLB)
Local Management Interface (LMI)
Local Multi-point Distribution System (LMDS)
Local Procedure Call (LPC)
Local Register Cache (LRC)
Local User Input (LUI)
Local Users Group (LUG)
Logarithm (Base 10) (LOG)
Logarithm (Natural) (LN)
Logic Cell Array (LCA)
Logical Block Addressing (EIDE) (LBA)
Logical Channel Numbers (LCN)
Logical Device Address (LDA)
Logical Inferences Per Second (LIPS)
Logical IP Subnet (RFC 1577) (LIS)
Logical Link Control (IEEE 802.2, OSI) (LLC)
Logical Page Number (LPN)
Logical Partition (IBM, AIX, LV) (LP)
Logical Sector Numbers (OS-9) (LSN)
Logical Unit (NAU) (LU)
Logical Unit 6.2 (IBM), "LU6.2" (LU62)
Logical Unit Application (interface) (LUA)
Logical Unit Number (SCSI) (LUN)
Logical Volume (IBM, AIX) (LV)
Logical Volume Manager (AIX, IBM) (LVM)
Login Facility (DCE) (LF)
Logistics Interface For manufacturing Environment (LIFE)
Long Distance Modem (LDM)
Long File Name (LFN)
Longest Allowed Lobe Length (LALL)
Longitudinal Redundancy Check (LRC)
Longitudinal Time Code (Video) (LTC)
Look-Up Table (RAMDAC) (LUT)
Loop On-Line Control (LOC)
Loop while Equal (LOOPE)
Loop while Not Equal (LOOPNE)
Loop while Not Zero (LOOPNZ)
Loop while Zero (LOOPZ)
Loopback File System (LFS)
Loss of Cell Delineation (UNI, ATM) (LCD)
Loss of Frame (UNI) (LOF)
Loss of Pointer (UNI) (LOP)
Loss of Signal (UNI) (LOS)
Lotus - Intel - Microsoft (Hersteller) (LIM)
Lotus Communication Server (LCS)
Lotus Communications Architecture [Lotus] (LCA)
Lotus Development Corporation (LDC)
Lotus International Character Set [LDC] (LICS)
Lotus Messaging Switch [Lotus] (LMS)
Lotus Multibyte Character Set [Lotus] (LMBCS)
Lotus Notes:Document Imaging (LN:DI)
Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC] (LPL)
Lotus/Intel/Microsoft/AST (LIMA)
Low Cost Fiber (LCF)
Low Entry Networking (LEN)
Low Function Terminal [IBM] (LFT)
Low Insertation Force (IC) (LIF)
Low Level Format (LLF)
Low-Band with X (LBX)
Low-Power Schottky (LPS)
Large Scale Integrated Circuit (LSI)
Last In First Out (LIFO)
Line PrinTer (LPT)
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
List Processing Language (LISP)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Descriptor Table (LDT)
Lotus Intel Microsoft Standard (LIMS)
Briefqualität (LQ)
Leuchtdiode (LED)
Zeilenvorschub (LF)
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