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IBM Cabling System (ICS)
IBM Global Network (Netzwerk) (IGN)
IBM Graphics Language (IBM-GL)
IBM Personal Dictation System [IBM] (IPDS)
IBM Verkabelungs-System (IVS)
Identification (ID)
Identification Tasking and Networking (ITN)
Identifier (ID)
Identifikation (ID)
ILlinois LIbrary NETwork (Netzwerk, USA) (ILLINET)
Image (IMG)
Image Color Matching [Kodak] (ICM)
Image Component Information (ICI)
Image Data Stream (format) [IBM] (IMDS)
Image File Directory (IFD)
Image Management and Communication System (IMACS)
Image Section Descriptor (ISD)
Imbedded Drive Electronics (IDE)
Immediate check Truth Maintenance System (AI) (ITMS)
Immediate IF (IIF)
Immediate Impulse Response (IIR)
Immerse System Technology (VR) (IST)
Import Address Table (IAT)
Impulses Per Minute (IPM)
ImpulsWahlVerfahren (MODEM) (IWV)
In My Humble Opinion (DFUE-Slang) (IMHO)
In My Opinion (DFUE-Slang) (IMO)
In-Circuit Emulator [Intel] (ICE)
Incoming Fax Gateway (IFG)
Incomming-Call Line Identification (ICLID)
Incompatible Time-sharing System (DEC) (ITS)
Increment (INC)
Independant Data Unit Protection Generic Security (IDUPGSSAPI)
Independent Content Provider (MSN) (ICP)
Independent Flow Control Messages (SSP) (IFCM)
Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV)
Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Independent Solution Vendor (DEC) (ISV)
Independent Vendor League (IVL)
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
Indexed Sequential-Access Management/Method (ISAM)
Individual Customer Access Network (ICAN)
Individual Network [e.v.] (Org., Internet) (IN)
Individuelle DatenVerarbeitung (IDV)
Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)
Information Access Technology (Provider) (IAT)
Information Delivery System (IDS)
Information Element (ATM) (IE)
Information Engineering (IE)
Information Engineering Facility (IEF)
Information Engineering Workbench (IBM) (IEW)
Information Flow (IN) (IF)
Information Flow Diagram (IRM) (IFD)
Information Highway (I-WAY)
Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF)
Information Management System (IMS)
Information Management System/Virtual Storage, "IM (IMSVS)
Information Presentation Facility Compiler (IBM, O (IPFC)
Information Processing Standards (IPS)
Information Programming Language (IPL)
Information Provider (IP)
Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS)
Information Resource Dictionary System (ANSI, ISO) (IRDS)
Information Resource Management (IRM)
Information Retrieval Experiment (IRX)
Information Sciences Institute (Org., USA) (ISI)
Information Storage and Retrieval (ISR)
Information Super Highway (ISH)
Information System (IS)
Information Systems Management (IFSM)
Information Systems Network (ISN)
Information Technologie (IT)
Information Technology (IT)
Information Technology Association of America (Org (ITAA)
Information Technology Branch (ITB)
Information Technology Management (ITM)
Information Technology Users Standards Association (ITUSA)
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, "IuK" (IUK)
INformationssystem der POLizei (INPOL)
InformationsTechnische Einrichtungen (ITE)
Infrared (IR)
InfraRed Data Association, "IrDA" (IRDA)
Infrared Light Emitting Diode (IRLED)
Inherent Rights Mask (IRM)
Inheritance Rights Filter [Novell] (IRF)
Initial Domain Identifier (IDI)
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (ANSI) (IGES)
Initial Microcode Load [IBM] (IML)
Initial Program Load (IPL)
Initial System Test (IST)
Initialisation Vector (Verschluesselung) (IV)
Initialize (INIT)
Input (IN)
Input / Output Controller (IOC)
Input / Output Processor (IOP)
Input Circuit (IC)
Input Method Editor (MS, Windows) (IME)
Input Output Privilege Level (IOPL)
Input Output System (IOS)
Input String (INS)
Input/Output (I/O)
Input/Output Channel Converter (IOCC)
Input/Output Control (IOCTL)
Input/Output Control System (IOCS)
Input/Output Controller Chip (IOCC)
Input/Output Support Gate Array (IOSGA)
Input/Output, "I/O" (IO)
Inside Wire Cable (IWC)
Installable File System (OS/2) (IFS)
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et (INRIA)
Institute for Global Communications (USA) (IGC)
Institute for the Certification of Computing Profe (ICCP)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ( (IEEE)
Institute of Electrical Engineers (Org., UK) (IEE)
Instruction Address Generation (IAG)
Instruction Cache Unit (CPU, POWER) (ICU)
Instruction Fetch Pipeline (Motorola, CPU) (IFP)
Instruction Pointer (IP)
Instruction Set Architecture (CPU) (ISA)
Instruction Set Computer (ISC)
Instruction Tanslation Look-aside Buffer (CPU) (ITLB)
Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
Instructions Per Clock (IPC)
Instrument Bus Computer (IBC)
Integer (INT)
Integer Divide (IDIV)
Integer Multiply (IMUL)
Integer Unit (CPU) (IU)
Integrated Business Network (IBN)
Integrated Cached Disk-Arrays (ICDA)
Integrated Channel Processor (ICP)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Integrated Communications Cabling System (SNI) (ICCS)
Integrated Data Base Management System (IDMS)
Integrated Data Processing (IDP)
Integrated Data/Voice Channel (IDVC)
Integrated Database API (IBM, Novell, Borland) (IDAPI)
Integrated Desktop Connector (IDC)
Integrated Development and Debugging Environment [ (IODE)
Integrated Development Environment [Borland] (IDE)
Integrated Digital Access (IDA)
Integrated Digital Network Exchange [IBM] (IDNX)
Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)
Integrated Graphics Array (IGA)
Integrated Graphics Controller (IGC)
Integrated Help Desk [IBM] (IHD)
Integrated Information Network (IIN)
Integrated Injection Logic (IIL)
Integrated Micro Systems Operation (Intel) (IMSO)
Integrated Network Management (INM)
Integrated Network Server (INS)
Integrated Programming Environment (IPE)
Integrated Project Support Environment (IPSE)
Integrated Receiver/Descrambler (IRD)
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Integrated Services Line Module (ISLM)
Integrated Services Line Unit (ISLU)
Integrated Services Local Network (ISLN)
Integrated Services User Part (ISDN) (ISUP)
Integrated Software Federal User Group (Org.) (ISFUG)
Integrated Special Services Network (ISSN)
Integrated System Peripheral control (Wyse) (ISP)
Integrated Systems and Information Services (ISIS)
Integrated Systems Network (ISN)
Integration of Internet Information Ressources (IE (IIIR)
Integriertes BreitbandFernmeldeNetz (IBFN)
Intel Binary Compatibility Specification (iBCS)
Intel Communicating Applications Specifications (ICAS)
Intel Comparative Microprocessor (index) [Intel] (iCOMP)
Intel Verification Lab (IVL)
Intelligent Channel/Storage Control, "IC/SC" (ICSC)
Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
Intelligent Communication Adapter (Banyan VINES) (ICA)
Intelligent Communications Control (ICC)
Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)
Intelligent Drive Array (IDA)
Intelligent Drive Electronics (IDE)
Intelligent Fax System (Ricoh) (IFS)
Intelligent Multi-Port Adapter [DCA] (IMPA)
Intelligent Network Application Protocol (IN) (INAP)
Intelligent Network Architecture (IN) (INA)
Intelligent Network Conceptual Model (IN) (INCM)
Intelligent Peripheral (IN) (IP)
Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI)
Intelligent Printer Data (IPD)
Intelligent Printer Data Stream [IBM] (IPDS)
Intelligent Work-Station (IWS)
Inter Node Link (INL)
Inter Node Network (INN)
Inter-Device Communication (IBM, OS/2) (IDC)
Inter-Repeater Link (IRL)
Inter-Systems Communication [IBM] (ISC)
Interactive Application Systen (DEC) (IAS)
Interactive Chart Utility (IBM, GDDM) (ICU)
Interactive Design and Engineering (IDE)
Interactive Electronic Mail Standard Identificatio (IEMSI)
INteractive Graphic REtrieval System (INGRES)
Interactive Mail Access Protocol (RFC 1176/1203) (IMAP)
Interactive Multimedia Association (Org.) (IMA)
Interactive Multimedia Television (IMTV)
Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS)
Interactive Query Language (IQL)
Interactive Reader Language (IRL)
Interactive Services Association (Org.) (ISA)
Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF)
Interactive String Processor (BS2000) (ISP)
Interactive Structured Query Language (ISQL)
Interactive System Language (ISL)
Interactive System Productivity Facility (IBM) (ISPF)
Interactive Television (ITV)
Interactive Video Information System (IVIS)
Interactive Videodisk System (IVS)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
InterApplication Communication (Apple) (IAC)
Interchange DAta Structure (IDAS)
Interchange Unit Separator/Intermediate Transmissi (IUS/ITB)
Interchangeable File Format [Amiga] (IFF)
InterClient Communication Convention (X-windows) (ICCC)
InterClient Communication Convention Manual (X-win (ICCCM)
IntereXchange Carrier (FCC, LATA) (IXC)
Interface (I/F)
Interface Clear (ICL)
Interface Data Unit (IDU)
Interface Definition Language (DCE, CORBA) (IDL)
Interface Design Enhancement (IDE)
Interface Message Processors (ARPANET, MILNET) (IMP)
Interface Module (IM)
Interface Repository (ORB) (IR)
Interface, Inheritance, Implementation, Installati (I4DL)
Interger Register File (DEC) (IRF)
Interim Inter-Switch Signaling Protocol (P-NNI, AT (IISP)
Interim Local Management Interface (ATM) (ILMI)
Interim Type Approval (ITA)
Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)
Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [Cisco] (IGRP)
Interleaved Frame Recording (Video) (IFR)
Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)
Intermediate Maintenance Standards (IMS)
Intermediate Routing Function (IRF)
Intermediate System to Intermediate System protoco (ISIS)
Intermediate Text Block (ITB)
Intermediate Text Block (ITX)
Internal (INT)
Internal Directory System (IDS)
Internal Field Seperator (Unix) (IFS)
Internal Organization of the Network Layer (OSI) (IONL)
Internally Specified Index (ISI)
International (organization Domain name) [Internet (INT)
International Academic Networkshops [conference] (IANW)
International AIX User Group (Org.) (IAUG)
International Algebraic Language (ALGOL was first (IAL)
International Buisness Machines (IBM)
International Business Machines (Hersteller) (IBM)
International Color Committee (Org.) (ICC)
International Computer Music Conference (Messe) (ICMC)
International Data Encryption Algorithm (Verschlue (IDEA)
International Direct Distance Dialing (IDDD)
International Electrotechnical Commission (Org.) (IEC)
International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)
International FidoNet Association (Org.) (IFNA)
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intel (IJCAI)
International Language Support (ILS)
International Meta Systems (Hersteller) (IMS)
International MIDI Association (Org.) (IMA)
International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consorti (IMTC)
International NETworking Conference, "iNET" (INET)
International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC)
International Oracle Users Group (Org.) (IOUG)
International Organization for Standardization/Ope (ISO/OSI)
International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC)
International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)
International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
International Standardization Organization (ISO)
International Telecommunications Union (Org.) (ITU)
International Telecommunications User Group (ITUG)
International Typeface Corporation (ITC)
International Video Teleconferencing Service (IVTS)
Internet Access Kit / 2 (IBM), "IAK/2" (IAK2)
Internet Access Kit [IBM] (IAK)
Internet Access Provider [Internet] (IAP)
Internet Activities / Architecture Board (RFC 1160 (IAB)
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [Internet] (IANA)
Internet Citizen's Band (ICB)
Internet Control Message Protocol (TCP/IP, RFC 792 (ICMP)
Internet Datagram Protocol (XNS) (IDP)
Internet Design, Engineering, and Analysis notes ( (IDEA)
Internet Engineering Notes (IEN)
Internet Engineering Steering Group (IETF) (IESG)
Internet Engineering Task Force - Working Group (R (IETFWG)
Internet Engineering Task Force [Internet] (IETF)
Internet Experiment Notebook (Vorlaeufer, RFC) (IEN)
Internet Go Server [Internet] (IGS)
Internet Group Multicast Protocol (RFC 1112) (IGMP)
Internet Inter-Operability Protocol (IIOP)
Internet Monthly Report [Internet] (IMR)
Internet Network Information Center [Internet] (InterNIC)
Internet Network Operations Center (INOC)
Internet Packet Exchange (IPX)
Internet Packet eXchange (Novell) (IPX)
Internet Protocol (IP)
Internet Protocol (RFC 791) (IP)
Internet Protocol Data Unit (IPDU)
Internet Protocol Security Protocol (IPSP)
Internet Protocol SECurity protocol (IETF) (IPSEC)
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Internet Relay Chat (RFC 1459) (IRC)
Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol (RFC 938) (IRTP)
Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG)
Internet Research Task Force (IAB) (IRTF)
Internet Service Center (Internet provider) (ISC)
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Internet Service Provider [Internet] (ISP)
Internet Shopping Network (Netzwerk) (ISN)
Internet SOCiety (Org.) (ISOC)
Internet Talk Radio (Internet) (ITR)
Internet Underground Music Archive (WWW) (IUMA)
Internet User Account Provider [Internet] (IUAP)
Internet User Account Provider [Internet] (IAUP)
Internetworking Operating System (Cisco, OS) (IOS)
Interoperability Technology Association for Inform (INTAP)
InterOrganizational Systems (IOS)
Interpersonal Message (IPM)
Interprocess Communication (IPC)
InterProcess Communication Environment (IPCE)
Interrupt (INT)
Interrupt Acknowledge (INTA)
Interrupt Controller (IC)
Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT)
Interrupt if Overflow occurs (INTO)
Interrupt Request (IRQ)
Interrupt Request (IRQ)
Interrupt Return (IRET)
Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)
Interrupt Stack Pointer (ISP)
Interrupt Status (IS)
Interrupt Status Port (ISP)
Interrupt Vector Table (IVT)
Interruptions Per Minute (IPM)
InterWorking Function (IN) (IWF)
Intigrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Intra-application Communications Area (ICA)
Intuitive Command Structure (ICS)
Ion Projection Lithography (IPL)
IP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (RFC (IPDVMRP)
IPX / Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell), "IPX/SPX (IPXSPX)
IPX Open Datalink Interface (Novell) (IPXODI)
ISA Configuration Utility (ICU)
ISDN User Part (Mobile Systems), "ISDN-UP" (ISDNUP)
ISDN-datex-P-Umsetzer (IPU)
ISO Development Environment (OSI) (ISODE)
Isochronous Media Access Control (FDDI), "I-MAC" (IMAC)
ITU Technical Standards Group (Org., Nachfolge, CC (ITUT)
in my humble opinion (imho)
Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM)
Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (IT)
Input/Output (I/O)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Instruction Pointer (IP)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Intelligent Drive Electronics (IDE)
Inter Process Communication (IPC)
Inter-Client Communication Convention Manual (ICCCM)
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Internet Activities Board (IAB)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Internet Protocol (IP)
Interrupt Request (IRQ)
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