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Facility Interface Processor (FIP)
Facsimile (FAX)
Family Application Programmer Interface (DOS, VDM) (FAPI)
Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft] (FESDK)
Far End Block Error (SONET) (FEBE)
FarbBild-AustastSystem (Video) (FBAS)
Fast Data Encyphering Algorithm (Verschluesselung) (FEAST)
Fast File System (Amiga) (FFS)
Fast FileSystem (FFS)
Fast Filing System (BSD) (FFS)
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Fast Packet Switching (X.25, Datex-J) (FPS)
Fast System Switch (Unix) (FSS)
Favorite Picture Selection (FPS)
FDDI Twisted Pair-Physical layer, Medium Dependend (FDDITPPMD)
Federal Communications Commission (Org., USA) (FCC)
Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineer (FCCSET)
Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)
Federal Internet Exchange (FIX)
Federal Networking Council (Org., USA) (FNC)
Federal Office Systems Exposition (FOSE)
Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee ( (FRICC)
Federal Telecommunication System (FTS)
Federation of American Research NETworks (Netzwerk (FARNET)
Fernmeldeanlagen-UeberwachungsVerordnung (FUEV)
FernmeldeAnlagenGesetz (FAG)
FernMeldeSystem (FMS)
FernmeldeTechnische Zulassung (FTZ)
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC)
Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM)
Fiber Channel Standard (FCS)
Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop (FC/AL)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
Fiber Optic (FO)
Fiber optic Backbone (FB)
Fiber Optic Cable / Communications (FOC)
Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE] (FOIRL)
Fiber Optic MAU (Ethernet) (FOMAU)
Fiber Optic Transceiver (FOT)
Fiber Optics Network (FON)
Fiberoptic Link (FL)
Fibre Channel (FC)
Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop, "FC-AL" (FCAL)
Fibre Channel Interface (FCI)
Fibre Channel PHysical and signaling interface (SA (FCPH)
Fido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer (FOSSIL)
Fidonet Technical Standard (FTS)
Fidonet Technical Standard Conference (FTSC)
Field (FLD)
Field Effect Transistor (FET)
Field Operational X.500 (FOX)
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Field Programmable Gate-Array (FPGA)
Field Programmable Logic Array (FPLA)
Field-Effect Transistor (FET)
Field-Emitter Display (FED)
File Access Code (FAC)
File Access Protocol (FAP)
File Allocation Table (FAT)
File Allocation Table (FAT)
File Control Block (FCB)
File Control BlockS (FCBS)
File Definition Language (FDL)
File Processor Buffering (FIP)
File Separator (FS)
File Service Protocol (FSP)
File System (FS)
File System (IBM, AIX) (FS)
File System Consistency checK (Unix) (FSCK)
File System Driver [OS/2] (FSD)
File Transfer And Management (GOSIP, ISO 8571/8572 (FTAM)
File Transfer OSI Support (FTOS)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
File Transfer Protocol (Internet, RFC 959/765) (FTP)
File Transfer Protocol Daemon (FTPD)
File Update Information (FUI)
Film SuperTwisted Nematic [LCD] (FSTN)
Final Form Text [IBM] (FFT)
Finite Elemente Methode (FEM)
Finite Impulse Response (FIR)
Finite State Machine (FSM)
First Application System Test (FAST)
First Come, First Served (FCFS)
First Failure Data Capture [IBM] (FFDC)
First Failure Support Technology /2 (IBM), "FFST/2 (FFST2)
First Failure Support Technology [IBM] (FFST)
First In First Out (FIFO)
First Osborne Group (FOG)
First Parallel Printer Port (LPT1)
First serial Port (asynchronous port) (COM1)
First-Ended, First-Out (FEFO)
First-In, First-Out (FIFO)
First-In, Last-Out (FILO)
Fixed Alternative Routing (SNI) (FAR)
Fixed Disk (FDISK)
Fixed Path Protocol (FPP)
FiXed point Unit (POWER, CPU) (FXU)
Flat Square Technology (Hitachi) (FST)
Flat Tension Mask [Zenith] (FTM)
Flexible Fertigungs-Systeme (FFS)
Flexible Optical Disk (FOD)
Flexible Route Selection (FRS)
Flip-Flop (FF)
Floating gate Avalanche injection Metal Oxide Semi (FAMOS)
Floating Point Accelerator (FPA)
Floating Point Coprocessor (FPC)
Floating Point Engine (FPE)
Floating Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS)
Floating Point Processor (FPP)
Floating Point Register (FPU) (FPR)
Floating Point Unit (CPU) (FPU)
Floating-Point C Extension (specification) (FPCE)
Floatingpoint Register File (DEC) (FRF)
Floppy Disk (FD)
Floppy Disk / Drive (FD)
Floppy Disk Controller (FDC)
Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
Floptical Technology Association (3M u.a.) (FTA)
Flow Control Ack (DLSW) (FCA)
Flow Control Indicator (DLSW) (FCI)
Flow Control Operator Bits (DLSW) (FCO)
Flux Changes per Inch (FCI)
Flux Reversals Per Inch (FRPI)
Foiled Twisted Pair [cable] (FTP)
Font (FNT)
For What It's Worth (DFUE-Slang) (FWIW)
For Your Information (Internet) (FYI)
Forced Perfect Termination (FPT)
Form Feed (FF)
Format (FMT)
Format Option Specification Instance (FOSI)
Forms Management System (FMS)
Formula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL) (FORTRAN)
ForschungsInstitut fuer Rechnerarchitektur und Sof (FIRST)
FORschungsverbund f. Technisch-WIssenschaftliches (FORTWIHR)
Forum for Object Oriented Technology (CERN) (FOOT)
Forum Informatikerinnen Fuer den Frieden (Org.) (FIFF)
Forum of Control Data Users (FOCUS)
Forward Carbon Copy (DFUE) (FCC)
Forward Error Correction (GSM) (FEC)
Forward Error Correction (Satellit) (FER)
Forward Explicit Congestion Notification (ATM) (FECN)
Fouled / Fucked Up Beyond All Repair (DFUE-Slang) (FUBAR)
Four Letter Extended Acronym (FLEA)
Fourth Generation Language (4GL)
Fourth serial Port (COM4)
FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro] (FLL)
Fractal Interchange Format (FIF)
Fragmentation (FRAG)
Frame Check Sequence (FDDI, Token Ring) (FCS)
Frame Check Sum (MODEM) (FCS)
Frame Control (FDDI, Token Ring) (FC)
Frame Editor (FRED)
Frame Input/Output Controller (FIOC)
Frame Representation Language (AI) (FRL)
Frame Status (Token Ring) (FS)
Framed Access Command Environment (Unix, SVR4) (FACE)
Frames Per Second (FPS)
Frank, Ian and Glenn's LETters (ASCII, fonts) (FIGLET)
Free OnLine Dictionary Of Computing (WWW) (FOLDOC)
Free Software Association of Germany (Org.) (FSAG)
Free Software Foundation (Org., GNU) (FSF)
Free System Resources (FSR)
Free-net Erlangen/Nuernberg (FEN)
Frequence Division Multiplexing (FDM)
Frequency Division Multiple Access (Mobile Systems (FDMA)
Frequency Shift Keying (DFUE) (FSK)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequenz-Modulation (FM)
Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)
Friend of a friend (FOAF)
Front End Processor (FEP)
Front End Programming Interface (FEPI)
Front-End to Dish (FRED)
FTAM Protocol Data Unit (FPDU)
FTP Operation Over Big Address Records (RFC 1639) (FOOBAR)
FuehrungsInformationsSysteme (FIS)
Full DupleX (FDX)
Full Duplex (FD)
Full Duplex Ethernet (FDE)
Full Level Algol Checkout Compiler (FLACC)
Full Screen Editor (FSE)
Full Service Network (FSN)
Full Text Retrieval (FTR)
Full Time (F/T)
Full Video Translation (FVT)
Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet) (FQDN)
Function (FUNC)
Functional Entity (IN) (FE)
Functional Entity Action (IN, UNI) (FEA)
Functional Recovery Routine (FRR)
Funtional Redundancy Checking (FRC)
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Syste (FPLMTS)
Facsimile (FAX)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
Fieldbus Message Specification (FMS)
File Allocation Table (FAT)
File Allocation Table (FAT)
File Control Block (FCB)
File Definition Language (FDL)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
File Transfer, Access and Management (FTAM)
First In First Out (FIFO)
Floating Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS)
Floating Point Unit (FPU)
Floppy Disk Controller (FDC)
for your information (fyi)
Formula Translator (Fortran)
Frame Relay (FR)
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
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